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Some M-43 caps

Article about: I am having fun! I just learned how to upload pics on this forum, something I have avoided learning forever. There was no need for the hesitation,because once I read the tutorials, it was al

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    Thank you very much for saying so.

    They represent the regular soldier and his gear. Just common stuff as it were, without feathers and embroidery,worn by the common man in his time of service. No different than any of us, actually.

    last to know, first to go, gung ho gung ho gung ho!

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    I am humbled by your comments. Thank you! Seeing nice original militaria make it all worthwhile.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Nice collection of caps! I only have one M43 cap, it is a late war SS one and I hope to get a M43 generals cap soon (I have already bought it and it is on its way..).

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    Bless you for that Youssouf!

    It is a "ballsey" move to buy an officers such as you have done. I am excited to see pictures of it. I bought one with an interesting wire skull on it once, in fine "doeskin" wool. The bill itself was extraordinary to see how long it was. And the cut was utterly fantastic. The braiding at the top with the join at the right rear side, size only marked, with the most unimpressive edelwiess above the left ear.
    Still, it was impressive enough.
    I hope you all that awe and wonderment and more when you receive it.

    It is quite a thrill to go on a hunt like that and bagging a" BIG" one.
    Bless you, and doubly again in luck, health and prosperity.
    Thank you

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    another suggestion post them all.... to me lol

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    that sounds like a wonderful suggestion, I can drop them off as I head home after work... You'll need to get some heads to put them on, so , there's always a catch.....

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    hmmm no problem ill run round the neighborhood with my katana lol

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    I once had a Luftwaffe M-43 cap just like the one on the bottom row in the middle. I looked for any sort of makers stamp, and only found a tiny stamp with the letters: "W.C.T." I couldnt decipher it, so just forgot about it. I later on sold my whole collection dirt cheap, because I needed money. Later on, I found out that W.C.T. stood for Walter Caspar Tbbens. He was a war profitteer who ran a uniform parts factory in the Jewish Ghetto of Warsaw! I have a book with a photo of young Jewish slaves sewing M-43 caps in his factory. He escaped justice after the war, and even opened a textile shop in Germany in a shop he stole from Jews. He later was killed in an automobile accident.

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    This such neat stuff to read and know. Such tidbits make the world and bring things closer to home for me. I like stories like that about an item. It is a shame that you had to let go of things due to life's turns. At least you got to enjoy it for a while. Hopefully it went to a good home.

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    thank you very much leej11

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