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The SOS (and shows in general) from a visor perspective

Article about: I have received multiple emails/pms asking me if I was going to the SOS, and if not why not. So, I decided to put my reasons on the forum (and my opinions are my own). I used to hit all the

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    Is it true that fakes linger around even at the shows?


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    Circuit advertisement The SOS (and shows in general) from a visor perspective
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    Unfortunately, I would say at least 25% of items for sale are fakes....

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    Quote by Niedersachsen View Post
    Is it true that fakes linger around even at the shows?

    One must be as careful as always. Some great stuff but many fakes among the goodies.

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    Quote by stonemint View Post
    3 days away from work is just too great a price to pay to just go there for socializing
    If one were honest with oneself, those 3 days are really "weighted" to start on Wednesday/Thursday - and for a reason . . . which one could argue, may not necessarily be for the benefit for the Working Man collector. Imagine if any such event didn't start until Friday [move-in and all] - and didn't end until EOB Sunday . . . don't you think that would do much for turning around the scene? For many years, I remained oblivious to the reasons for why Dealers moved in on Wednesday or Thursday - and then had their own "private party" before the Public were allowed to enter the arena . . . but as time has passed, I've come to realize why that is. For a Member to know that because of the way a show is scheduled - or even to be limited in access in a way that only allows those with privileged status to reap these benefits - eventually became a big turn-off. As a person that has to work for a living, there are certainly times when it is difficult to get away from work in the middle of the week. Bailing out on a Friday . . . well, that may be a little more reasonable - but as the schedules for these shows are currently arranged, we all know by then, you've just missed out on all the [reputed] "action" . . . and once again, for the Working Man, that can eventually become a significantly disappointing thought.

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