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Splinter Pattern Field Cap

Article about: Hello, Fakers take advantage of the fact the both swiss and german camos are almost the same, but beside those thin green lines, there are others differences between them.... I do collect si

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    Thanks guys - this has been a big help!


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    I am that fellow who put up all those caps.

    I did post quite a pile of caps, that I like.

    I can post pics of the splinter "B" cap if you like.

    It is maker marked and lined.

    It has been pvt purchased and worn.

    I will show all the particulars about it.

    I have collected for a while and am always willing to learn.

    Thank you

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    Quote by jws54 View Post
    It is maker marked and lined.
    I'd love some pictures. But, if it's field made, which these caps are, why does it have a maker's mark, or why is it lined?


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    I cannot answer that question as to why, suffice it to say, I have owned Heer and Luft and SS camo caps, field made and different degrees of quality. This one seems to be well made. No fake folds, and a hand applied eagle. The material weight seems as heavy as a zeltbahn and it is well made and nicely lined.

    I will make the pics now and you may offer your opinion. It seems to have the age of separating seams, low crown, quality construction with a cardboard bill with the roll of material to the upper side edge and the underside of the bill properly stitched for
    re enforcement as you would like to see.

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    Here are some pics which I submit that the cap is a pvt purchase tailored cap.
    I have owned a grave dug SS cap along similar lines, different maker.
    I have seen lighter material constructing a Heer cap and the overall weight was considerably lighter and tailor made. I believe it may have been a water pattern.
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    also, the fact I like the cap and own it does not make it above reproach.
    I felt comfortable buying it when I did. I have contacted Peter Whammond, so I guess it will be answered in that manner and I will let you know the findings.

    For the past 30 some odd years, I have basically collected headgear only, soft caps, not visors. Of course we all have helmets and a myriad of other things when we find them, however, my passion has always been softcaps.

    DAK, SS in whatever configuration, Heer, Luft, some political, Navy etc. Some were from old backpacks, some were in trades,...back before the internet, with a lot of miles and a lot of contacts...always trading something!

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    jws54 : sorry to say but this cap is a reproduction made of swiss splinter pattern camo material. It's a common fake, as tunics or pants made of the same material. Swiss camo is different from the german camo as green geometrical spots are connected to other green spots by the means of thin green lines as seen on the photo posted below (that's your photo). Follow the red arrows to see the thin green lines. Sorry again, but all is wrong regarding this cap : lining, maker's mark, sewings....
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    Laurent Huart (1964-2008)

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    Thank you. That is very good to know. I guess it is good to be here as an example of a bad cap. Now it can just be a knock-around cap.

    Thanks again.

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    IMG_0586.JPG (17.5 KB

    Here is the cap, stripped of the luft eagle, and now relegated to the "whoopsie-boom" pile.

    I have had a splinter pattern (crudely-made) cap in the past and zelts, too. I guess I did not think to compare the material. This color did seem a little darker overall, but I did not "catch on". The price was $125 and it came with an actual cap eagle. I suppose this tells me to be careful of many things and look deeper into it.

    I thank you for pointing that out.

    I will post more caps and if anyone sees something I missed, I would be grateful, as I certainly am no authority and do not want
    to mislead anyone. I do salute and appreciate the wealth of knowledge represented here and the generosity of those who are so experienced and willing to share that acquired wisdom so willingly.
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    In the end, you got a real eagle, and a pretty cool, albeit fake, repro/fake cap. A cap like that would cost you around 50 bucks anyway, and you got the eagle, so it wasn't a total burn. Still a pretty cool hat. Sorry though.


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