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Splinter Pattern Field Cap

Article about: Hello, Fakers take advantage of the fact the both swiss and german camos are almost the same, but beside those thin green lines, there are others differences between them.... I do collect si

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    Default Re: Splinter Pattern Field Cap

    Fakers take advantage of the fact the both swiss and german camos are almost the same, but beside those thin green lines, there are others differences between them....
    I do collect since many years, do own quite a reasonable amount of soft caps, but i have never encoutered a splinter camo cap that could fit in my collection that's why i don't have any. As filling the gaps with repros is not in my policy regarding collecting, i'll wait and if i don't find any problem...
    There are many things to examine with this kind of caps when you've got an example in hands...material, wear, sewings, lining if any, buttonholes if any, nature of the construction thread, difference of wear between material and thread....don't buy the story and remember that german soldiers weren't the only ones to "field make" these camo caps...after the war the german army left huge quantity of everyhing everywhere in the 50's and 60's many hunters wore this kind of caps in France for instance, homemade by the wife....I've seen many so far, some were well made, some not...but how to make the difference between a good one and one of those nowadays...impossible....pants, tunics, overall...rifle slings...a lot of things have been made from German camo material by hunters....and boy scouts...and now reenactors...

    A good story for all members here :

    until the late 80's in a french car factory that will remain unamed (), when the workers wanted to wipe/clean their hands, and i'm sure this is something your do on a regular basis everyday in a car factory, they had kilometers and kilometers of WSS dot pattern camo material to do it....and when i say kilometers, believe me i'm way far behind the truth....all this camo material was used as old rags to remove oil, grease and everything....the last time i spoke to a former worker of this factory, he told me : you can't imagine how much we burnt back then....

    In Memoriam :
    Laurent Huart (1964-2008)

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    Default Re: Splinter Pattern Field Cap

    Yes, It's true that I did not get a bad burn, yet it does caution me to always be on my guard, which thing I have not always done. I got the cap online, and reading here, most say, it's not a good idea, unless it can be returned and all.

    I guess I was becoming over confident due to a time when crap looked like crap and real had a feel.

    Things were more abundant, and cheaper. I've got to get with the times. I don't go to the shows anymore with my buddy, I've moved 2000 miles away. And I don't get to rub shoulders like I used too.

    Kind of a different world just a short 20 years ago. Bless all who are so advanced and knowledgeable and share sooo much.

    There is not another forum like this, that I have ever seen.


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    Default Re: Splinter Pattern Field Cap

    And to JPhilip,

    How can one thank you enough, for being such a generous teacher and motivator? There are so many great ones on this site, It is humbling.
    That I can even be allowed here amongst the gods, and tolerated surely
    reveals the caliber of the forum. FB has given me the impetus to learn German..Ade has just so much knowledge, of everything and Dimas, is very well traveled. The more I see of this forum, it was my good fortune to discover
    a rare heaven-like gem with such great men, as would lead the blind, gently.

    Your words are great, your stories, impactful....what more can I say, than Thank you

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    Default Re: Splinter Pattern Field Cap

    OOOOOHHHHHHH yes i looooove to be called a GOD !!!
    Thank you very much....
    More seriously, I'm afraid that there's no god here my friend...only human beings/collectors who try to share their poor knowledge and help out fellow members in their collecting life. Passing this knowledge in each post is an honour for me...this knowledge was received from some great people, great collectors and from the items it has to come full circle...always in motion like a living thing, always improving also...
    The respect among collectors is also very important, and that's why this forum is working well...respect among each others is essential for this kind of "open" community. The result is that here members are not afraid to show their stuff because they know they'll be helped out and not mocked.
    My only advice would be : when it's possible, post the pics prior to purchase the can help to save a few $$$. It's better to learn free before having to pay for the lesson...
    IMO the better way for the members to thank the mods or those who help is to improve their personal knowledge...and to help other members when they can...

    In Memoriam :
    Laurent Huart (1964-2008)

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