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"Textbook", Regulations, and "Non-textbook": A Discussion

Article about: This thread makes me think of all the non-regulation items , that have been passed over as reproductions . Cheers Chris

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    Well said. This "hobby" (I consider it a passion) really calls for a multi-pronged approach:

    1. The primary source material (ie, RZM regs; U-M; the tailoring trade magazines; periodicals, etc)
    2. Reading the secondary source material (ie, Wim's books);
    3. Reading as many threads as one can on this forum (and to a lesser extent, others);
    4. Studying period photos of headgear in wear;
    5. Handling original specimens;
    6. Studying the fakes.

    Unfortunately, #1 is the hardest for most English-speaking collectors, along with the difficulty in acquiring complete source material
    (but then again, that is why we rely on Wim, HPL, F-B, and d'alquen!)--you will not find contributions such as these on any other forum but here.

    I have said it many times, but I will say it again: thank-you to all of you for your enormous contributions to the hobby--we are light-years ahead of where we were just 10 years ago....

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    In some ways I do agree, but for me:
    1) the primary source always is the official uniform- and dress regulation (Dienstvorschrift, Bekleidungsvorschrift and Anzugsordnung)
    for any kind of TR-organization, as there it is stated how it actually and officially should be in it's original language;
    2) a double-check with a secondary source as UM, SuS, DUZ, the RZM and tailoring magazines while regulations can contradict so now and then;
    3) studying photographs and find - when possible - uniforms and insignia not worn as according to orders.
    4) handle material from friends with big collections, as myself I do not collect for about 30 years now. There is always in my mind a chance an item is an
    old fake, as fakes are being made since the 1960's and even earlier. There even do exist fakes that by many are told they are original, as they do not know

    I hardly ever use books, written after the war as a source, as in there are too many wrong given informations. Occasionally I have my mistakes also, while in-correct
    information was given by collectors, authors or so-called "experts", based upon their knowledge (often again based upon the lack of the German knowledge). Or
    simply by gaps, caused by the lack of finding the needed information.

    As Stonemint says: it is a passion. I study regulations since the earliest 1970's (so 45 years) and was lucky I was helped by some persons, I consider to be my mentors
    (all being Germans). Their knowledge is extremely and far more deepened out as mine. They are the real aces, but they do not write books or articles. A pity!!

    Passion is still there, but spirit is fading (for the last years), occasionally due to "obstruction", caused by jealousy and by persons who finally showed their true face! By this
    I am getting tired. I am getting too old for this sh*t!! Hopefully I can do some more books in the series "Headgear of Hitler's Germany". I am not intending to start
    new researches for other subjects. Neither do I plan to write articles about obscure organizations, or as how I did call them "the oddity"! Or? never knows. My
    latest, coming article for the "Military Advisor" will be about the ZO (Zentralhandelsgesellschaft Ost). I think it will be interesting!
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