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Thoughts on this SS artillery red piped NCO's Schirmmütze

Article about: by bboywizard Thank you once again for all of your knowledge guys...not only helping me ID the fake ones but saving some serious dollars ..i cant find it on he site now,but this dealer had a

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    The "colored pipes" Loch Ness monster and the "crimped prongs" chimaeras are the most truculent sources of insanity connected with this regalia.

    Or maybe "colored pipes" Big Foot, if you so prefer.....

    I say: pfui.
    damit, basta.

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    Here is a real SS red-piped artillery visor from my collection which pushed the right buttons for me several years ago. I sent it to our resident master Stonemint who graciously provided a hands on and he confirmed what I felt but hadn't the expertise to confirm as a period piece. As. F-B says, some knowledge, research and networking in this field will avoid plenty of consternation.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	580399I had two "colored pipes" of my own, but I dumped both out of total disgust with these unending thingies and the sludge that clung to them.
    One of mine ended up in a book and in the hands of a far more subtle and sophisticated collector. It was a Jaeger or Gebirgsjaeger, tailored cap which had originally come from Manion's in the 1970s when said source had good material.

    All too, too droll.

    I am also totally convinced that, despite the brief time in which such things were regulation, that the bumptious and high spirited SS persons had such regalia made despite orders to the contrary, since such willful violation of regulations is, in fact, a German military custom.
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    damit, basta.

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    Quote by bboywizard View Post
    greimers ..the guy running it ,according to Facebook pics looks way too young to be a Vietnam vet..
    Yep this is the guy who i spoke to in there. Too young. Must of been 35-40yrs old.
    I brought up the topic of anther dealer in or near fremantle who sells german only stuff and how the guy was a litttle wierd. The guy at JB's went on to say how that guy was a fraud and has people after him (Neo nazi's) for sellin fakes. This gave me the impression Jb's was ok.
    Still have to get my ww2 rising sun badge checked as i cant see any markings. If its a fake im only done $50 though

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    People do very strange things, I'll say....
    damit, basta.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	567513d1378938028-allgemeine-ss-visor-cap-photo-86.jpg 
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ID:	580403I prefer the piping as found in the foreground here....but the white is alright with me, too.
    damit, basta.

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    Quote by DougB View Post
    Here is a real SS red-piped artillery visor from my collection which pushed the right buttons for me several years ago. I sent it to our resident master Stonemint who graciously provided a hands on and he confirmed what I felt but hadn't the expertise to confirm as a period piece.
    Stonemint is the scourge of dodgy hat dealers everywhere!
    He has helped countless collectors over the years, myself included, from making costly mistakes and does so with much integrity and generosity.
    No one has done as much as he has in the war against skullduggery.
    I don't know where he gets the energy from but I thank him.

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    This cap which used to be mine ended up in Australia by the way.
    Whether it's still there, I do not know.
    Should anyone spot it again, I would be interested to hear about it.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    The only real colour-piped WSS cap I've personally owned was an EM/NCO type piped in red, which I think now resides in Italy. It seems to be the branch colour most often observed (by me) on originals. My Japanese friend owns a gorgeous cavalry officers' yellow piped visor as well as an EM/NCO piped in pink, which, although I haven't examined them in hand, I have no doubt are original. Photographs show colour-piped visors to have been worn throughout the war...

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    Dear Forum,

    I am also a collector, Mr. Jamey Blewitt of JB Military Antiques in Western Australia has just listed another FAKE worth $44,500.OO AUD. We have to stop this seller before someone buys this very expensive Fake.

    I wrote to LTC (Ret) Thomas M. Johnson the author of the book GERMAN DAGGERS OF WORLD WAR II asking for his help. I did get a reply this morning.

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your email and your assistance and we will keep an eye on this dealer.



    He also posted it to his Facebook page and within minutes a collector from the United States (do not want to divulge his name for privacy reasons ) posted some photo's of a genuine Daggers, and made the following comments, but it was removed immediately by Jamey Blewitt as it was not favourable!

    Luckily i have a screen shot of it but in essence this is what the US collector said:

    " If it's original (that it's not ) it's worth close to that, but before even looking at a bank with that money, any person (seller or buyer) would need some serious provenance, including metal test and I know it'll come out fake. There's a firm in the USA making these and this is exactly like them, even to the smaller SS Runes over Damascus markings. Personally i've seen a SS type Damascus in Don Boyle's collection and this is wrong, the Eichhorn is exactly like the normal logo. There's no swastika on the nut and smooth as a baby's arse not rough and markings are way too prominent. The scabbard has no markings and district SA type was blank....sorry "

    Please read this forum about all the Fake Third Reich items he sells for thousands of dollars.

    JB Military Antiques - dodgy dealer - Badges of Honor - World War II Zone Forums

    I ask this forum to help, we have to stop this Dealer from selling these very expensive fakes, with some items selling for tens of thousands dollars. As already covered in this post, he is selling Fake SS Hats, Luftwaffe Paratrooper Helmet, SS Helmets, Cross In Gold and the list just goes on.
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