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TR Soft Headgear Collecting of Yesteryear

Article about: by avenger Why is it every time I enter into one of these SS regalia threads, I feel like a child overhearing an adult conversation? You long in the tooth collectors have the task of not mer

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    Quote by stonemint View Post
    HOWEVER, I also want to add that IMO, visors are one of the safest areas of TR collecting (if not the safest).
    The primary reason for this is that the level of skill required to make these hats does not exist anymore, as all the Master Hat Makers have died off (and the stuff currently being made is assembly-line junk made in the Far East).

    Rebuilt visors are easy to detect, but usually require a hands-on to get at the "guts" of the cap.
    Most fakes are BRD/DDR poseurs, and they have numerous tells.
    The repros (even the Jankes) are no where near TR quality.

    The only dangerous visors are the one-off visors built from scratch, but these are few and far between--the reason being that like potato chips, the fakers just can't make one--and the fakers (like in poker) all have their "tells".

    I would say that 98% of all visors posted on the forum can be quickly discerned as being real or fake--as long as 10+ MP digital cameras are used (not cel phones), with good lighting, and pics from all angles (including the interior).

    Everyone here is happy to give free input as to the authenticity of a hat, and as I have stated before, you will not find this level of combined knowledge on any other forum.

    So, in other words, "have no fear, the WRF is here"(!)
    While SS regalia will likely remain out of my reach, I do have high hopes for one day finding a minty infantry officers visor with metal insignia. Until that day comes, I try to keep a watch on all the different visors to get a good feel for materials and craftsmanship, of which there seems to be a large volume of variations. The forum has been an invaluable resource already, and one I'm grateful to have found and be able to participate in.

    I can just remember the last years of the heyday of mail order catalogs from JC Penny, Sears, and Montgomery Wards when I was a kid. I would spend hours in those catalogs dreaming about Christmas present ideas to present to my parents. There was a mini Pacman arcade game, a rock tumbler, and a Snoopy snow cone maker I always had my eye on but never received. Another memory comes from even earlier, when my brother and I ordered Star Wars Return of the Jedi Emperor figures by mail, sending in 5 proofs of purchase of other figures each to get him. It took months before the Emperor arrived.

    I guess I imagined a robust collector circuit back in those days, with lots of shows and conventions where collectors could get together and barter and trade for pieces, accounting for most of the sales of TR items. I suppose that doesn't preclude fakes being sold, and certainly would be slower than today's internet forum marketplaces and dealers. But, it would have the benefit of people networking in person with emerging experts and veterans, with examples that can be held and inspected close up. And, while I love being able to order something on Amazon and get it in two days, there was something to be said for getting a figure you waited for months to come in, or seeing that catalog of treasures hit the mailbox once a year. Of course, I didn't have to worry that the Snoopy snow cone maker was fake.

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    I am also from the time before the internet and B&W pic's were all you had for a reference. The classified section of the shotgun news was very far from descriptive and you had to trust the person you called to see "What Condition' is it in. My first M1895 Baden Picklehaube for example. Listed as in excellent condition. I called and was told the same thing. Sent my hard earned money and when It showed up without a chinstrap and no kockardes, I called back and his repliy was " I never said it had those" You live and learned the hard way then.
    Thank You Stonemint and FB for sharing your knowledge and experience here on this fantastic site. It is greatly appreciated.
    Semper Fi

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    My first reference books that were " IN COLOR". I thought I had it all figured out now when I went to the local gunshows
    TR Soft Headgear Collecting of Yesteryear

    Thanks again Guy's

    Semper Fi

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    The price for these things has skyrocketed the last twentyfive+- years as we know.
    I wonder how much original Dritte Reich militaria that really exist. I had pricelists with photos sent to me in 1990, that was the way i bought items then (if i didnt found the militaria myself- or bought it locally)

    I have sold and given away trinkets for an enormus amount of money if i was to sell all these things today. I am not worried about the financial loss- but i worry about the items- (are they safe?!- Are they destroyed?! etc )
    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

    "Be Humble and kind, for you may find that it was Odin you entertained"

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