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Article about: Hello, the rookie again. Some new caps, as I mentioned before I have no, or limeted knowledge, so could someone please help me to identify these two visors, if its a fake, what are they pret

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    F_B, regarding these stamps, are they for a Thuringen Standarte?:
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    My nice Muetzenmacherei book as well as the Herstellungsvorschriften der RZM describe all these steps in explicit detail.

    Wilkins included some of it, but not in nearly the detail that it might have received.

    And again, these descriptions are in prose that the craftsman or craftswoman of the era would understand on an intellectual level far superior to the manner in which we transmit such practical knowledge today.

    The key to this is the drawing of the pattern in its geometrical dimension (with slight overages...) which the craftsman is then able to sew together so it all looks perfect. The fake cap here was not made by a craftsman of our era, plainly. The UM makes clear how specialized these skills were to a specific section of the clothing and textile trade in Germany, with the center of gravity in Berlin.

    I cannot tell you enough how wonderful are the voices that echo to me across the abyss with Uniformen Markt! There must have been a small number of correspondents and editors, all with a deep background in the garments trade, but there is a winning authority to it that is compelling.

    Sapere aude!

    Thanks for the attractive picture of your cap. This high crown was also against the regulations apparently in many cases, especially in the German army.
    damit, basta.

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    love those caps...

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    Quote by stonemint View Post
    F_B, regarding these stamps, are they for a Thuringen Standarte?:
    The nomenclature was more "Totenkopfstandarte" with a numerical prefix or suffix, i.e. SS Totenkopfstandarte 3 "Thueringen"

    But who knows whether the stamp is organic to the cap or an invention?

    I have seen one SSTV marked enlisted cap, with more convincing unit stamps, but who knows. A lot of Thueringen material survived because of the US liberation of Weimar.

    There are so many riddles and enigmas here.
    damit, basta.

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    thank you all, for the lesson, and Im very impressed by your knowledge.I`m most greatfull for all information and eager to learn.

    br, Gustav jr

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    Geometry was not my thing, mind you, but this object is the basis of it all, the measuring device for head size.

    From such measurements arose the patterns, whereupon the Zuschneider cut the cloth, but the strategic point being how to achieve the final harmony celebrated by Mr. Chris and myself especially in the pristine appearance of the crown.

    The fakers simply do not have the skill to do this.

    The Uniformen Markt offers the evidence to this theory. It is such a pleasure at last to find it.

    Granted all that is wrong with the world, why do we care?

    But I respect people who have skills with the crafts and trades, really. These people had an eight year apprenticeship. Eight years, think of it. I guess I lived too long in Europe.
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    damit, basta.

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    These hands knew their craft, even if they are not beautiful by the standards of today.
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    damit, basta.

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    viz: By the way, if any of you reading this lives in Germany or Austria, you should take out a newspaper or in the internet ad and solicit if there is anyone still alive in any way who did this kind of work. Granted how enormous the uniform industry and trade became in the course of the III. Reich, as well as how young girls and boys were recruited into same as apprentices, someone still must be alive who actually knows this stuff.

    I think.....
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    damit, basta.

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