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Article about: Just watched a film I had not seen for decades: "Night of the Generals" with Peter O'Toole and Omar Sharif. (The movie has held up very well over the years, and if you have not see

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    Quote by ErWeSa View Post
    By chance I have just watched a documentary about Austrian actors/directors/artists who fled to the US and played the roles of Nazis in US-films such as "Hangmen Also Die!" produced in 1943, art director: Fritz Lang, Austrian refugee himself:Attachment 891251Attachment 891252Attachment 891253
    More on this account....Fritz Lang and Berthold Brecht...

    Hangmen Also Die --(Movie Clip) Reichsprotector Heydrich
    damit, basta.

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    "Dark Blue World" 2001 Czechoslovakian - another brilliant film

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    Thomas Kretschmann in U-571:
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    Bunch from "Force 10 from Navarone"

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    Well Peter O'Toole started this thread when Stoney posted some images from 'Night of the Generals', so here is another Peter O'Toole movie
    that doesn't get a lot of exposure these days...

    The 'villain' of the movie is Horst Janson, some images ....
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    Quote by stonemint View Post
    Thomas Kretschmann in U-571:
    Not a bad film - I first saw this one back in the day when I was hard core into detail correctness, now days I'm just into entertainment!
    Couple of a young Matthew McConaughey

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    Re the movie 'U-571', it didn't exactly get rave reviews when it was released, here is one report...

    War movie U-571 is possibly the worst example of America downplaying the role its allies played in WWII. Why? Because it completely transfers the achievements of the British Royal Navy over to the U.S. Navy.
    The film depicts the first capture of an Enigma machine, which the German military used to send coded messages during WWII. In the movie, it is shown as an American operation in which disguised US submariners board a Nazi vessel.
    They then fend off attacking German Navy ships in order to escape.
    In reality, of course, a British warship captured the first Enigma machine in 1941 – seven months before America even entered the war. The only actual Enigma capture by the U.S. Navy took place in 1944.
    This film’s distortion was so infamous that the British Prime Minister at the time of its release, Tony Blair, called it “an affront” to British sailors who had fought in WWII.

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    A couple of Tarantino baddies from Inglorious Basterds. Unless I'm mistaken Christopher Waltz's cap goes from EM crusher style to officer's peak with braid without a corresponding change in rank. Peculiarl but enjoyable movie; Christopher Waltz much better playing a Nazi nutter than a Blofeld. but that's just my opinion.
    Great thread, let's keep it up! - It's a real trip down childhood war movie lane, and a great way to discover little-known war movies!

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    From the excellent 'Island At War' TV series

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    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    The fez-wearing Handschar soldier is from a period photograph, not a movie still.

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