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Well worn early SA kepi

Article about: This is the early S A kepi of Georg Heinrich Staab, a founding member of Standarte 18, Gruppe Kurpfalz. Staab joined the N S D A P and the S A in 1929. He was a true "Alterkampfer,"

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    In fact, the British led the world in propaganda in the 1914-1918 war, granted the willingness of the government to use all means and the sophistication of commercial culture in the UK at the time. The Germans in the first war were pretty maladroit at propaganda, which was the real impetus for their later success. The Nazi publications on the techniques of propaganda are interesting, and the whole was part of a late 19th and early 20th century obsession with influencing mass opinion, also with the means of urban and commercial society and industry. Hitler had an aesthetic sense and Goebbels the literary piece, and they generally borrowed many things that were already around in the neighborhood, in fact. The high level of sophistication in film added another dimension, since German film of the era was also a leader. Hitler also revived the use of court artists to provide spectacles for the regime. And German commercial art was also at a high level, and could be used by the regime. To be sure, all of this applied so long as the aryan credentials of the person were in order, and even sometimes not. So, my point, the whole image of the SA also grew out of this propaganda effort in which Horst Wessel's martyrdom was a key part. And, finally, alot of this stole from the liturgy and symbols of the Catholic and Lutheran churches, but this process had begun in the French Revolution...

    Happy collecting.

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    Speaking of Sammlung Rehse...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Well worn early SA kepi   Well worn early SA kepi  

    Well worn early SA kepi  

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    Thank you, colleague. An astonishing piece. I wonder what happened to the collection Rehse? The flag is of the SPD Wehrverband, is it not?

    A very nice and interesting piece. There is merit with the emphasis on die Kampfzeit to illustrate the contending factions in the fight.

    The fact the flag is from this Nazi collection of the era 1918-1933 is especially compelling.

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    Your flag is a great piece of history.


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    The flag is from the Eiserne Front - so partially SPD but formed by the Reichsbanner with other organizations in 1931. It lasted until May 1933. The intent was to unify democratic forces to fight communism, monarchism and National Socialism.

    I don't know what happened to the Rehse collection but I found this flag at a US militaria show many years ago.

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    Thank you. I should have know that, actually. A very pleasing piece and remarkable that you found it as you have. It is much more significant than most of the other stuff seen on these sites. Thanks again and congratulations. To my great detriment, I also spend too much time look at little tin death's heads and not enough of the wide variety of regalia generated by political violence in the Weimar Republic.

    I recall in the Museum der Nationalen Volksarmee in Dresden when I visited it in transition in 1992 that there was a lot of this kind of thing there, but especially the Roter Frontkampferbund material of great interest.

    Your flag is evidence that the Sammlung Rehse went to bits in 1945 along with so much else.

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    That Eiserne Front Fahne has a rarity the hakenkreus-bedecked flags never will--unfortunatly, greatly undervalued as well. Thanks for posting.

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    Thanks. The Eiserne Front flag is one of my favorite pieces, especially because of the Sammlung Rehse provenance.

    But, you're's rarity is not generally appreciated as most collectors are oblivious to the history it documents.

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