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What is a Crusher anyway?

Article about: Ok so let's get the discussion going. For me, the term crusher is a collectors term and has been used, abused and totaly misunderstood for too long. Germany had a cap called the Feldmutze Al

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    Quote by d'alquen View Post
    if you are after is what was actually designated during the period it was relatively straightforward.
    A Service cap (Dienstmuetze), was worn by commissioned ranks on duty when a steel helmet was not specified. Also by non commissioned ranks in the vicinity of the barracks and for walking out.
    A Field cap (Feldmuetze), was worn in the field and all activities related to the field by both officers and men. Most period orders only specify that a peaked field cap must have the chinstrap and stiffener removed. A leather peak was available on service caps so was not a prerequisite of a field cap.
    A Feldmuetze alter art was so designated after a new pattern field cap had been introduced. For example, the peaked field cap for officers was so designated because the 1938 new boat shaped field cap had officially replaced it.
    Derek is right, of course. The answer, moreover, is in this book I just bought in Berlin, which also substantiates Derek's and Ben's generalizations with many illustrated examples. The author also includes the orders in which the various contingent armies introduced such compact caps for field wear in the latter part of the 19th century. No where is the term "crusher" used. This term has been translated into German from US usage, and is out of place collector argot.What is a Crusher anyway?

    The NSDAP and its echelons had peaked caps with leather peaks in the early period of usage of caps based on the Reichswehr (so enclosed) and this custom was used in the SS. Army officers also had regular peaked caps with leather peaks which were not constructed so as to be folded into field gear worn on the man or beast. What is a Crusher anyway?
    damit, basta.

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    This SS cap can be folded, as it has buckram sides and frame, but I would not fold it. Imperial caps came in a rigid, garrison style, and in the malleable field style, which originated in the 1880s or so, I think. I now put the Deutsche Kavallerie book where it is hard to reach, but I was interested at how early was this aspect of military fashion in the old armies.What is a Crusher anyway?
    damit, basta.

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    At the risk of being very rude to some of you, Knautschmuetze is a really silly term, I am sorry to say, and only found in modern German regalia usage. Nor, to my knowledge, is it used in the Bundeswehr either. Many US collector terms are applied to German regalia without helping us to know more and focus in on the object itself. Ben is right to take a stand against this, since these field caps are like cat nip to collectors and exert a real fascination. I guess they do so because soldiers all want to seem like veterans and anything other than having arrived freshly in the garrison from the rear area. The man with the unworn cap is the rear echelon maggot, whereas the man with the worn cap, with the smell of battle, is the professional. I guess that is the reason, but there is no Knautsch in the deal.What is a Crusher anyway?
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    'Feldmutze, leicht'...........?


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    KnautschWhat is a Crusher anyway?What is a Crusher anyway?What is a Crusher anyway?What is a Crusher anyway?What is a Crusher anyway?
    damit, basta.

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