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What Organisation are these men from?

Article about: I don't think it is Standschützen. They do wear shoulder-straps as for SA-Wehrmannschaft, but their tunic is not. Why not worn an armband? Was it removed while they were photographed after t

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    HPL2008 largely said what they did wear. The boys are there for training and just do wear
    short pants, possibly in darker brown or black.

    The uniform worn by the four is the so-called "SA-Übungsanzug" as worn by students
    (Schüler) at schools and camps, so the "Schulen und Lagern des Chefs des Ausbildungwesens",
    which is SA.
    Normally students did wear shoulder-straps, but I can't see any here.

    The system for stripes (Litzen) was known as Dienststellenabzeichen (function insignia):
    Lagerleiter: 5 (he supervised more then one camp);
    Schulleiter: 4 (leader for a school/camp);
    Zugführer: 3 (leader or commander for a squad);
    Gruppenführer: 2 (leader for a group);
    Hilfsgruppenführer: 1. (assistent for the Gruppenführer).
    All of this was arranged in a March 1934 uniform-regulation for the SA.

    At motor-schools largely the same uniform was worn. They can be recognized by the use of pips,
    instead of stripes. Personnel did wear regular SA-ranking, but assigned persons (zur Verfügung
    gestellte Ausbildungspersonal
    ) did wear pips on both sides of the collar, being:
    Leiter: 3;
    Zugführer: 2;
    Gruppenführer: 1.
    Often these persons came from a former institution, the Reichskuratorium für Jugendertüchtigung.
    A look-a-like uniform was worn at the "Hanns-Kerrl-Lager", a camp for the justice-organization (for
    future judges).

    About the "Hanns-Kerrl-Lager" and "Reichskuratorium für Jugendertüchtigung" articles were published
    in the "Military Advisor", respectively by me and Lopatka (with my supervision).
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    The Ausbildungswesen of the SA was also critical in the development of the SS, as a chunk of its officers (who were ex soldiers) constituted the nascent SSVT as I recall.
    Thanks to our very learned and collegial personages for their wonderful explanations and inquiries that make this site such a poem.
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    Posted on the WAF:
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    This is from an album on Ebay, and the seller attributes it to the Königs Wusterhausen Kaserne Schule Postschutz Zeesen .
    This was the site of a large transmitter station during the TR, and Postschutz would normally be assigned there.
    However, these youths appear to be wearing a DAF uniform of some type, with a sleeve eagle in lieu of the armband.

    Any ideas?
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