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Win a book!!

Article about: Here some females with a hat. Any idea wat they are?

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    Hello Brian,

    For you good you saw the thread and post and "combined" the form
    for the worn breast insignia with the correct organization. Well done!

    For the others sorry that you missed it, my spontaneous "quiz". I really
    had not expected a correct answer that soon. I already was thinking for
    an new hint. But it was not needed anymore!

    Glad it is very much appreciated, Brian. Do not forget to send a PM
    with full name and address, to ship the book to you later!
    Hope the book will enjoy you.

    Best regards,
    "Wir sollen auch unser Leben für die Brüder lassen" (1.Joh.3.16):
    zum Gedächtnis Wilhelm Schenk. Er starb fürs Vaterland am 13. Juni 1916

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    Circuit advertisement Win a book!!
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    Congrats to Bsiwula on a sharp eye and memory--I certainly had no clue what organisation they were from (and I even owned one of those pins years ago!)

    & a hearty thanks to our esteemed member, Wim, for his graciousness and knowledge--we all learn when he posts....

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    & Wim was kind enough to give a preview of the book on another forum, and I quote him here:

    This book is about what we, as collectors, have seen, owned or coveted over the years - the large and attractive Reichsbahn eagles. In many cases they were the centerpieces of a collection. We may have wondered why there were different sizes and what did the various markings indicate on the reverses? Little did we know that these eagles not only adorned railway cars and passenger coaches, but also Reichsbahn busses, trucks, automobiles, and steam and electric locomotives. Using this book, you will now know the manufacturer of the eagle, its exact purpose, and its metal composition. There is a chapter on the evolution and manufacturing variations of metal Reichsbahn cap eagles. The book is also loaded with eagle details (front and back). There are numerous detailed photographs of various engine types and railway cars in use, plus many portraits of Reichsbahn personnel. If you have an interest in German railroads, this is the book for you.

    • Large format 8 1/2 x 11" (21.5 x 27.9 cm): 256 pages
    • About 675 photos of actual eagles and close-ups, plus original technical drawings • $79.95 (postage not included)
    • Available in late February 2016 from Bender Publishing, San Jose, California
    • The first 200 copies will be author-signed and serial numbered

    Just for WRF-members, enjoy:
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Win a book!!   Win a book!!  

    Win a book!!   Win a book!!  


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    If you just have a look at the thread:
    Art - Decor - Exotica of the Third Reich
    there is a special section about Deutsche Reichsbahn Eagles and also a thread about the book:

    NEW BOOK: Third Reich Reichsbahn Eagles, where I give a preview at the planned cover and
    nine pages, so some more as what is shown by Stonemint. Maybe many may have overlooked
    this thread and its posts? I already did post the pages and information in November 12, 2015. So
    over a month now!!
    "Wir sollen auch unser Leben für die Brüder lassen" (1.Joh.3.16):
    zum Gedächtnis Wilhelm Schenk. Er starb fürs Vaterland am 13. Juni 1916

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    Thanks for that, Wim, but many headgear collectors (myself included) rare venture out of "the friendly confines" of this Forum.

    BTW, to get one of the first 200 autographed copies, do we have to get that from Bender, or can we order directly from you?

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    Chris, not only headgear collectors do that. I know this as sometimes
    you can conclude that from asked questions. One looks to the threads and
    posts one likes the most. Me the same.
    Another fact is that I did "the quiz" here at WRF while I like this forum best.
    So, others from other forums will have missed it for sure, as often they do
    not visit this great War Reliccs Forum.

    I hardly ever look at posts that deal with army, navy or airforce questions!
    And not ever at all where people have questions about orders and decorations
    or whatever!
    They all interest me, but not that much to have a constant look. I know I could
    correct many answers asked and give excellent information (in the way I do
    where needed here), but my time is limited and I cannot sit down all day to give
    answers to forum-questions. I have other things to do like finishing volume 6
    for "Headgear of Hitler's Germany", as well as my work for volume 7.

    About the railroad eagles-book: You have to order from Bender directly for a
    signed copy. I know the book is in print now in China and possibly wil be shipped
    before the Chinese New Year to the publisher Bender in the USA. Just got a mail
    about this from Roger.

    I always get a number of books, but at this moment practically all are already
    reserved for friends and collectors and others that always get or buy a book
    directly from me! Often there is a "gimmick" for my best friends and those who
    cooperated the most. For example a limited and special cuffband for my book
    about aiguillettes, as well as for my HJ "handbook", so a bookmark. Or special
    stickers for including in the book (see machine-embroidered cuffband and the
    stickers for the wall plaque-book and gorget-book).

    Win a book!!

    Win a book!! Win a book!!

    For the railroad-eagles book there are new plans/specials, but just for a few!!
    Last edited by Wilhelm Saris; 01-16-2016 at 12:43 PM.
    "Wir sollen auch unser Leben für die Brüder lassen" (1.Joh.3.16):
    zum Gedächtnis Wilhelm Schenk. Er starb fürs Vaterland am 13. Juni 1916

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    Thanks so much for all your wonderful generosity here. We all appreciate it very much, indeed. Congratulations on your new work.
    damit, basta.

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