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23, opening private museum

Article about: I`m opening a private war museum in Kristiansand, Norway!! After many years of collecting, I have managed to build up a very big collection that covers almost every aspect of the German occu

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    Default 23, opening private museum

    I`m opening a private war museum in Kristiansand, Norway!!

    After many years of collecting, I have managed to build up a very big collection that covers almost every aspect of the German occupation of Norway during world war two. Now together with a friend and fellow collector I am pleased to announce the beginning of a dream of many many years – my own private museum. With our collections, this will be one of Norways`s biggest museums regarding the second world war. I hope you all will support us on Facebook and hopefully in the near future come down to Norway for a visit. Thanks you!

    Best regards from Norway, Leander Haslerud
    - founder of Kristiansand Krigshistorisk Museum

    Here is an article from the local newspaper last week:
    Vil starte krigsmuseum i Kristiansand -

    Follow us on Facebook!

    Translation of the article:

    23 year old wants to open war history museum!

    - The only thing we need to get started is propper faciliti:
    Wants to open war museum in Kristiansand, Norway

    With a unique, private collection of war artifacts from WWII, two young enthusiasts start Kristiansand War History Museum (Kristiansand Krigshistoriske Museum).

    KRISTIANSAND: - We have so many unique items, and it is silly that everything is just stowed away. WWII is a terrible part of history, but precisely why, and in respect for those who gave their lives during the war, it is important to take care of this part of history for future generations, says Leander Haslerud.

    400 original uniforms

    In a secret warehouse in Kristiansand, Haslerud shows off just a little part of the total collection of military uniforms, weapons, equipment, furniture, crockery and pictures from both German and Norwegian side during WWII. Including 400 original Norwegian and German war uniforms. Together with his friend Håvard Hansen he will now start Kristiansand war historical museum that will provide an insight into the history of the occupation of southern Norway during world war two.

    Began the age of six
    The interest in World War II came already at the age of six or seven. Since then he has both gained and bought war artifacts.

    - I've got a lot from family and friends, and from veterans and people who knew about my interest. I have also bought a lot from military dealers and online, says the enthusiastic collector, who welcomes More items from private individuals.

    - Everything that is given to us by the public will be well taken care of and exhibited in the museum, says Haslerud.

    20,000 photos
    He admits that it is a very expensive hobby, which also has taken a lot of his free time.
    It has resulted in the website and one-man company Festung Norwegen, which contains 1600 images that are place specified of a total of over 20,000 images from his collection taken by German soldiers in Norway during the war.

    - What is it that drives you?
    - There is something special about collecting items with has a story behind them. You can look at an artifact and wonder what it has been through. Therefore, a pack of matches from the war is as important as a German machine gun. Everything has an important place in history, says Haslerud.

    It's going to be a museum, regardless
    - We could start tomorrow, if we only had the propper facilities. We have people who are willing to assist, and experience great interest, says Haslerud, seeking facilities at Odderøya or at Møvik, both places with military history.
    - If we do not get facilities here, we will find a different place. Becous this museum is going to happen, says the collector, who has been in contact with both the local municipality and Vest-Agder museum about space and future cooperation.

    Privatly owned museum
    He believes private operation of the museum is the best, due to the commitment and interest in history the two young men have.
    - To take care of the objects we have gathered, I think we do best private. Both me and Havard want to live of our passion, and I do not think you can find better canditates to run and own a museum than those with passion for what they are doing, says Haslerud, which promises that the presentation should also be modern and innovative.
    - It should not just be an old-fashioned museum that has only showcases and text. We will also have interactive presentations and invite living history groups who can show snippets of the history of warfare, tells Haslerud.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 23, opening private museum   23, opening private museum  

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    Good luck with the opening ! Keep us updated with some pics , Free entry for forum members ?

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    Good work and i hope it goes well for you

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    Good luck,I hope to be able to visit one day.

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    Quote by Australia View Post
    Free entry for forum members ?
    Yeah,us Aussies always like freebies!!!!!! ..... ( we couldn't hit you up for the airfare too, could we??? )

    Cheers, Dan
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    If I ever get over. I will Definitely stop by for a visit. It is great you are willing to display your collection so others can learn from all this history you have collected.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Well done!!! I will visit for sure if I ever make it across the pond! Keep up the good work!

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    Looks great! timothy

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    Please keep us updated, I have been thinking of doing the same in my town. Best of luck on your venture.

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