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50 cal display

Article about: Hi all As most of you are aware, I have been searching an old USAAF base for the past 2 years or so. With over 32 visits to the site, I had amassed a rather large collection of stuff, includ

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    Woops... still learning English
    Still a great job though! Didn't expect that they would look like that after cleaning. I've been searching for myself last 2 days but i only found a bottom of a 10,5 cm steel shell casing from the Germans, a Dutch casing from 1934 and something i can't make out what it is.
    Will try to post some pictures and i hope you can say what it is
    Would love to go digging in the UK so i can add some stuff to my collection


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    Your English is excellent

    Steve T

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    Well thnx for that Steve
    I have to say that your collection is realy stunning. I love the way how you display the items. Yesterday got kicked from a field, are they like this in England too?


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    Yeah they can be. Just do what I do and stick to searching in forests or areas where you got the landowners permission

    Steve T

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    Normaly i stick to forests etc. but this was around a factory that they are restoring. There is a large fence around it and i know not to come at that side of the fence. However on the other side of that large fence there is still some terrain left without such a fence, so i thought it belonged to a farmer. (the farmers don't realy mind u searching, as long as you close the holes) after some searching a couple of workers came and i had a nice chat with them... But then came the "Boss" and told me i had to leave because the soil was poluted with Asbestus. (that i didn't know of)

    I will post some pictures of what i've found the last 2 days searching. If it's a problem i post them here please delete them

    Could u tell me what the black thing could be? Also the plate with a hole in it?

    Attached Images Attached Images 50 cal display 

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    I believe something went wrong
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 50 cal display   50 cal display  

    50 cal display  

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    If you want to part with any .50 bits, give me a shout, I coud use a few to go with my AC Sparkplug made M2HB.

    Cheers, Chris.

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