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"Axis and Allied Militaria Odds Ends and Ephemera"

Article about: Hi Ian, Thank you for your message and comments. Yes, I think that what you say about the bag is correct but I stand to be corrected if anyone knows better?? Have you got anything to show? I

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    The first is a pair or two collar patches which may or may not be real, German or whatever. I purchased them about 20 years ago but have yet to ID them.

    The second item is an early shoulder board for a Generaloberst with the Regimental Distinction Number 5. The only Generaloberst that I have found who wore this distinction was Ludwig Beck in commemoration of Artillery Regiment 5. Beck, a former Chief of the General Staff attempted to commit suicide on the night of 20 July 1944 and was executed by an army sergeant on the orders of Generaloberst Fromm. I believe the epaulette to be original but who wore it?? No prizes for this one only thank you's.

    Regards and best wishes MR

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    MAP is online now

    Default Two nice flags

    Here are two flags. Both very different from each other

    1) WWII Captured Nazi flag. Inscribed "Captured in France by Geo. Larausky 'Killer' '1942' and "This will be used as a Souvenior or on Exhibition Display"

    "Axis and Allied Militaria Odds Ends and Ephemera""Axis and Allied Militaria Odds Ends and Ephemera"

    2) WWII German Unit Flag. (46x53 inches). Nieder Losheim (Niederlosheim Saarland near Luxembough Belgium, France border) Silver Bullion trim in excellent shape and retains all of the rings.

    "Axis and Allied Militaria Odds Ends and Ephemera""Axis and Allied Militaria Odds Ends and Ephemera"

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    MAP is online now

    Default These guys were small

    Two uniforms (one Japanese, one German). They almost fit my 9 year old son

    Have a few others that are just as small......

    "Axis and Allied Militaria Odds Ends and Ephemera""Axis and Allied Militaria Odds Ends and Ephemera"

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    Super jealous of the flags! Thanks for sharing

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    MAP is online now


    I'm sure you have stuff that I want so don't be jealous. I have a few others as well. A Panzer identification flag, a german battle flag (or Kriegs - always get them confused), a couple of Japanese and two German Pendents. Can try to dig them out if you like (if I can find them)

    I really like the Unit Flag. I don't see these to often

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    I tried but my camera would not get a better one. However I do believe that this is a snow /ski smock because of the massive hood on the back to go over the helmet. The stamp on the inside is identical the shield of the 7th Prinz Eugen Div (Odal rune). Is this a unit marking for that SS div. I have never seen any other SS clothing that is unit marked.

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    I thinking it might be a winter snow smock? Big hood.

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    It is likely an anorak. Post pictures in the SS Forum. You will likely obtain educated opinions there.


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    MAP is online now



    I'm no expert so can't help much and could not tell from the original pictures it had a hood. I would repost it to the "Heer, Luftwaffe, & Kriegsmarine Uniforms of the Third Reich" Forum. Might have better luck there.

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    Hi MAP, Thank you for your posts. Smart young model!! Nice jackets and flags. My favourite is the standard. I have always had a soft spot for flags and pennants etc but I paricularly like the standard as it has a static swastica which, in my experience is a bit of a rarety. Great items, thank you for sharing and supporting this thread and please keep your gear coming for us all to enjoy.
    Very best wishes Michael R

    - - ------- - -

    Hi Naptime, You and me both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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