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"Axis and Allied Militaria Odds Ends and Ephemera"

Article about: Hi Ian, Thank you for your message and comments. Yes, I think that what you say about the bag is correct but I stand to be corrected if anyone knows better?? Have you got anything to show? I

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    MAP, Don't tell us about "a few others as well", Show us them!!! And of course anything else lurking around the house -- of a military nature that is!
    Cheers MR

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    Hi MAP, A very nice ephemera grouping with a lot of very interesting information. Nice to see that even the German Army makes errors ergo his name amendment on the Pass!! Given that he was a construction worker, his final employment was with a construction unit and that he was trained with horses, do you think that he may have been a teamster?? Given that he was inducted into the Infantry and not the Pioneers, yet he was employed on construction work, I wonder if he had other problems possibly due to his earlier stomach wound??? Sad that he died but a bit unusual that he died of an infection? rather than through conflict. A very interesting group and brilliant to be able to read a dirct translation.
    Thank you MAP and best wishes MR

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    Hi, A canundrum for you today. This flag is 100% original!! This flag is 100% a copy!! Have a look and see what you think. Which statement(s) is or are correct???? I'll post the answer latter on today for those interested. There are two very large clues in the photos.
    Cheers MR

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    Hi All, Some photos to have a look at. The only unusual photo is of what appears to be a Belgian reunion possiby at Ypres as the standard on display bears the city title and the Belgian finial. Although I can not make out a German flag in the background, I can see a British flag. The photo came with a box full of German negatives and this is one which was printed off. My theory is that, judging by their attire, these are representatives of the opposing armies at a between the wars reunion?????
    Cheers MR

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Attachment 671789Attachment 671790Attachment 671791Attachment 671792Attachment 671793Hey Guys, I'm back with some more trinkets. First is my Mothers war ration books from1943, next is a HJ announcement for proficiency competition exercise and philosophical questionnaire, 1936 stenographers report, A pass to leave France for Schtz. Rudolf Ehlert 1941, A very strange belt buckle, trench art or fantasy piece and the last two are for you Michael, 1938 Christmas card from A.H. and a invite for the Hungarian Minster, 1937

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    Hi Krabbekrout, Thank you for your posts!!!! I have just learned something new today from your Mom's Ration Books. I did not realise that the US introduced rationing during WWII?? It never entered my head!! Mind you, not much does, thick or what? Very nice items especially the ephemera. I particularly like the invite. The caligraphy is beautifull!! Belt buckle mmmmm? Please feel free to post some, no, a lot more of your treasures!!
    Cheers Michael R

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    Will do. Didn't post the other Wehrpasses as it didn't seem to draw much interest (that I could see....or at least very few comments). Will happily pull them out and post. It's like show and tell at school. But dinner calls first.......

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    the belt buckle appears to be US (not sure about the blue belt as I thought most/all where Khaki/OD) with a Luft eagle put on. I have a US Ration book as well will try to post.

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    The belt buckle is U.S. , not sure if military. Just has " solid brass " on back. The web belt is , I believe a modern day U.S. Air Force belt. Bought it on a whim, didn't spend that much. Thanks for the comments ! Will try and post some more items.

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    Michael, Yes we had sugar , coffee, gas rations plus scrap drives, rubber drives and the old victory gardens. I think they might of had blackouts. Not sure of that one , as my memory is starting to go.

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