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"Axis and Allied Militaria Odds Ends and Ephemera"

Article about: Hi Ian, Thank you for your message and comments. Yes, I think that what you say about the bag is correct but I stand to be corrected if anyone knows better?? Have you got anything to show? I

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    These are called by a multitude of names and seems to have been used for various purposes; FLAK, direction finding FLAK, generel observation, fortresses, even claimed to be for U-Boats etc (pretty much covered all bases there).
    You are correct; they are not for sale, but SnXXer has a similar pair of optics in good condition FS for $3500,- (can be had much cheaper though).
    I have a pair of vastly different binos, that Ill try to dig out and snap a pic of, though they could be said to fall outside the scope of this thread. Though the other much smaller binos ('Dienstglas' style) are made in Germany, there is a twist to them......

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    Oh No!! here comes the rain on the party seems as though.. the rarities and oddities already have their forums...unless this thread can specifically be for show and tell only. If questions begin on collectables seen here that already have their own which answers are needed..then those posts will be moved.....Belt buckles and optics etc..which already have their own forums are already in place on this thread. Technically this thread should be moved to the discussion area..if it continues on commonly seen items....UNLESS it is used for show and tell only. Once questions of research arise this tread will be come a " Labyrinth " of pages..hard to find items of topic..and be useless as a forum tool.

    Its a great thread with some interesting items no doubt..and is doing well...but not leading the new viewer in the wrong direction looking for answers when there are forums for those particular artifacts. Mainly the WRF is a community of research..hobby and enjoyment with each other...most learning about something never known before.

    It would also be advisable for all posting items and those coming here for the first time asking questions about..the said item....and best to be CONGENIAL..and alert the new reader that there are forums for exact and precise answers dedicated to these finds.
    We want the readers and viewers to come back knowing there are other forums here.

    Most importantly..Moderator Horst has been at this for a very long time and ( Old as Dirt longer than some adults.. His Knowledge and wisdom concerning this the reason why he was chosen to serve in this capacity....which he is respected for.

    This thread is under review ONLY for what may be the best suitable location or alternative. Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    Hi Larry, Thank you for your message and the points that you, KM Morris and Horst are making. As I said in my fairly in depth replies to both of the afore mentioned, this is meant to be an odds and ends (O&E) thread which as you say in your message could well be re titled "Show and Tell" as that was/is exactly what I had in mind when I started it. Where you put it is of no real interest to me as I placed it in the only forum which I considered covered my intentions. Ergo, please feel free to re name and re locate it at your pleasure I honestly have no problems in any event.

    As I tried to relate to the two members who are querying this thread, this is not meant to be a technical thread but rather a "Other than my actual colection(s), these are some of the O&Es that I have acrewed" thread. Ergo, as stated in my previous responses anything from an Iron Cross to one of Hitler's tooth picks can be an O&E item as far as I and indeed this thread is concirned. For example, the guy who has shown the passes tells me that he has a small and varied collection and perhaps feels that whilst he enjoys showing his "stuff" on my thread he feels uncomfortable getting involved with our more expert members and would not consider showing in their standard of forums. Indeed, I feel, as a collector of more years than I care to remember, somewhat inhbited and would rather not show than have my ignorance of some of my own items opened to some of the coments which I have read from some of my more knowledgeable peers. Some quite rude in fact! This thread has received a lot of hits, a lot of responces and a lot of viewing members as well as a lot of "Likes" all of which I beleived to be among the tenents of the forum etall? Now, it appears to be the cause of problems? If it is, then please feel free to re name it, move it or close it. It is not my intention to cause disention among the members wether it be a member or a hundred members.

    Finally, from your last paragraph, I get the distinct feeling that I am being admonished or repremanded for my comments to "Moderator Horst" and that I have, in some way, been disrespectfull of him so much so that you needed to prefix the paragraph "Most imprtantly"? I have no axe to grinde with anyone on this forum and have indeed paid nothing but praise and respect to it in any or all my postings. If Horst feels offended or disrespected by my communication to him then first, he is wrong and second, I appologise if my wording gave him any such idea.

    Larry, I hope that this helps to clear up this unfortunate situation. The ball is firmly in your court so please feel free to take whatever action you feel appropiate for the betterment of the forum as an entity!!!!

    Regards Michael R

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    Hi Scout, Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, It appears that I have overstepped the mark in asking "technical" questions about your optics (See entry 257) as there is a specific forum for optics. There is, I feel, some sort of misunderstanding going on with regard to what this thread is aiming for? Ergo a general viewing of items which I/we comsider as odds and ends.
    Thank you once again for you support, messages and for showing us all some of your treasures!!
    Regards MR

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    No problem, Michael.

    ..............or rather; I didnt mean to cause any problem either.

    I missed the comments on the previous page totally and didnt mean to cause a stir either.
    My apology to any MOD who feels, that I posted in the wrong section.

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    Cheers Scout!!

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    No problems issues or admonishments..the Moderators job mainly is to keep all threads on a direct course throughout the WRF. Some have derailed into silliness and eventually were shut down. I dont see the case here with this particular thread as you have a hand on it. Mainly the focus is to keep all threads consistent. A moderators task is a balancing act also...between being a member themselves and manager at the same time..... so the "Most Importantly " wording is meant as a reminder...that there are caretakers who have a responsibility to uphold from all areas of security to topic structure. My apologies to you Michael or anyone who misunderstood my it was not intended that way.

    All Mods are required to help out in areas when needed or when the forum Mod may be offline. This is a must in house keeping. None of which should be taken as disrespectful. Best Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    Larry, I love your quote.


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    Cheers Larry!!! Moderators are there to moderate. Well done and thank you.
    Regards Michael R

    PS Please see PM sent this morning!!

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    No apologies needed, Larry. I concur wholeheartedly with your POV on this.

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