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British DPM Camouflage

Article about: G'day All, Figured to start this one, in my opinion it is one of the best ever camo patterns devised! S95, 85 & 68 patt (worse for wear correct me if I'm wrong) displayed

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    Boring detail point shots of the early pattern comparisons
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture British DPM Camouflage   British DPM Camouflage  

    British DPM Camouflage   British DPM Camouflage  


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    A change of colour tones; New Zealand Desert DPM uniform.

    British DPM Camouflage

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    ...not a usual area of shopping for me but I saw this and liked it....are there any better reasons?

    OK, so it'll never be rare but.......

    British DPM CamouflageBritish DPM CamouflageBritish DPM Camouflage

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    OK, so it'll never be rare but.......QUOTE]

    Well, I thought that about the flak jackets we used in NI (very similar to the US Vietnam style) but they are pretty scarce now!

    There were hundreds of thousands of the DDPM type (complete sets) that just disappeared during 1st Gulf and were never accounted for as far as I am aware. That must help with the rarity issue

    I too am one of those traditional collectors and will add a piece because I like it not because it will appreciate in value!!


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    I recently was successful at auction for a New Zealand Army issued PASGT helmet with NZ DPM helmet cover. I'll post some photos soon of that. But I'd really like to find one of the scrim helmet covers used with the PASGT, such as seen in this 2013 photo, (which actually could be on the Australian Enhanced Combat helmet which was in use by then).

    British DPM Camouflage

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    NZ camo'd PASGT?....'looking forward to seeing that.......

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