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Bunch of WW2 items , any info appreciated!

Article about: Hello, I am asking on behalf of my grandad about these items. A letter addressed personally from Field Marshall Montgomery to a soldier thanking him for his service, an unknown object with t

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    I think that's the lot as far as poking around goes haha!

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    Circuit advertisement Bunch of WW2 items , any info appreciated!
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    The IK is a 1st class. Not as common as the 2nd class which millions were issued. I think the number of IK 1st class was in the 300k range (that is awarded, I'm sure many many more were made).

    L/13 is the maker (Paul Meybauer ). This one is pretty rusted but in very good shape I say they go for $200 to $250 in good shape. Also depends where you live.

    I'm not an expert in IK's. Best to hear back from them on value. I just gave it my best estimate.

    The belt buckle is German WWI, not WWII like the Iron Cross.

    Suggest you post the buckle in the "German Belt Buckles, Brocades and Straps from 1900 to 1945" forum if you don't get more info from here.

    Nice stuff by the way

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    Thanks for your reply. That was some useful knowledge, very appreciated!

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    Hello! in regard to the spoon, the markings say it is sterling silver, made in Birmingham England in 1912 by Mappin & Webb. Hope that helps!

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    Thanks for the info! Greatly appreciated! That makes a lot of sense, as I have heard of Mappin and Webb.

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