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Can anyone give some insight on this photo

Article about: Believed to be a king george. Not sure which one.wondering about rarity, and value.

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    I appreciate the information very much. Where would I begin to find out if it is an actual photo? I live in a small town, not many are educated on this subject. Is there anywhere on the internet that would be able to give me an idea of its value?

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    Circuit advertisement Can anyone give some insight on this photo
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    Hi, I would agree with Walkwolf. The photo certainly looks like Edward VIII and if the signature is authenticated as his then I would think that the photo will have both a rarety and monetary value?? His title was Prince Of Wales and he appears to be wearing the uniform of a Leiutenant probably of the Grenadier Guards in which he served during the First World War. The second signature is unknown to me as is the "P" following the signature. I would suggest that the photo was given by Edward as a gift???
    Cheers MR

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    Very useful information, thank you. Do you know how I would be able to find out exactly what timeframe it's from? It would be interesting to find out what part of his life this photo is from, being closer to the trialed part of his life I think would make this photo a lot more interesting and valuable.

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    Hi, My best guess, considering his rank, would be circa 1914?? Cheers MR
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    Thanks everyone, I've been able to do a vast amount of research and have broadened my knowledge on the royals greatly, thanks to your information. Still wondering about value. According to EBay anywhere between $20-$8000.
    Perhaps I am inquiring in the wrong place. I've emailed a few antique dealers, but I still don't think I'm barking up the right tree.

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    Hi, May I respectfully suggest that you try autograph dealers rather than antique dealers?? Cheers MR

    $20 seems way too low and $8k at the other end of the spectrum. As Edward VIII was a very popular Prince and an unpopular King because of the abdication, he could well be a desired autograph ergo I would guess at several hundred dollars but that is, as I say, a guess.

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    Yes , thank you for the suggestion. Here is a screenshot I just retrieved. He was photobombed in 1919 and to me, in my opinion he looks older in the 1919 photo than he does in our photo, he also has many more buttons, and badges, would you guys say he looks younger in our photo?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Can anyone give some insight on this photo   Can anyone give some insight on this photo  

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    Hi Once Again Take a look at the following item number on E Bay.


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    That is a good comparable. Thanks very much. If anyone has anything to add, please do.

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    His rank is Captain, from what I can tell - three pips.
    All the pics in uniform seem to be late WWI or
    early/mid 1920's. P is for 'Prince of Wales'.

    The photo may well be original and uncommon, but
    a lot of dignitaries have used stamped signatures.
    Michael is right in saying that it should be looked
    at by an autograph dealer.........


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