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Ejection Seat and Strategic Air Command Collection

Article about: For those who have an interest in the Strategic Air Command and Cold War Era relics, here is a small collection of SAC items along with materials from the Nuclear Deterrent from the Cold War

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    Wow very impressive collection! Thanks for showing it.

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    Wow, very, very cool collection, displays, and presentation! Thanks for sharing.

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    Damn ! That is one hell of a collection Sir.

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    Great collection.

    When I was 16 I was visiting my dad at a SAC base in Indiana.
    We were up in the control tower when they started one of their
    Readiness Alert drills. He picked me up and threw me down the
    stairs and said "We have to get out of here-NOW"
    Live to ride -- Ride to live

    I was addicted to the "Hokey-Pokey" but I've turned
    myself around.

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    Quote by Chopperman View Post
    Great collection.

    When I was 16 I was visiting my dad at a SAC base in Indiana.
    We were up in the control tower when they started one of their
    Readiness Alert drills. He picked me up and threw me down the
    stairs and said "We have to get out of here-NOW"
    First great collection, second its a bit hard getting the hell out of a place when your lying at the bottom of the stairs with two broken legs!!!!!!!!

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    Quote by danno81 View Post
    B-52D Attack Controls for the weapons - if anyone out there is a former B-52D Weapons Operator, I'd enjoy hearing from you about the use of these individual units. From reading I understand the DCU-9A is one of the nuke arming units??? Would like to confirm that. Third shelf down from the top - left most item when viewing.
    Attachment 606660
    I can confirm, that its a 'weapon prearming switch.'

    Though I cant take credit for it - I asked my friend John, who has forgotten more about aviation matters than most people will know.

    He also said, that you should contact an active B-52 Squadron for accurate information, they will be more than happy to give you more information.

    If you want a de-classified manual for the unit, shoot me a PM with your email, as I cant attach a PDF here.

    69th Bomb Squadron (Nuclear):

    Minot Air Force Base - 5th Bomb Wing Units

    20th Bomb Squadron (Nuclear):

    Barksdale Air Force Base - Units

    “6. DCU-94 Inflight Control and Monitor

    The DCU-9/A controls and monitors the forward bomb bay. The forward bomb bay will be used for all Test Vehicles. The DCU-9/A contains a Rotary Selector Switch having the positions SAFE, GND, AIR and OFF, a Control Arm having the positions OS and SGA, a red Warning Light, a Test Switch, a Dim Control, and a Holding Relay. The DCU-9/A is located at the navigator’s station in the production aircraft. In the B-52B and D aircraft used in these tests, the DCU-9/A is located at the weaponeer’s station (EWO’s station) because of test mission requirements. The DCU-9/A and its associated circuits are not affected by the special instrumentation installed in the aircraft for these teat drops.

    a. Rotary Selector Switch

    In the OFF position, aircraft power is not available to the Test Vehicle circuits. In the SAFE position, Test Vehicle safing power is applied. In either the GND or AIR positions, prearming power is applied to the Test Vehicle.

    b. Control Arm

    The Control Am has 0S and SGA positions. When the Control Arm is in the OS position, the Rotary Selector Switch can be operated from OFF to SAFE and back to OFF, but cannot be rotated beyond the SAFE position.

    When the Control Arm is in the SGA position, the Rotary &lector Switch can be operated from SAFE to GND or A I R and back to SAFE, but cannot be returned to the OFF position.

    c. Warning Light

    The Warning Light serves to indicate a malfunction and comes on at any time the Test Vehicle configuration does not agree with the configuration indicated on the Rotary Selector Switch. The light also comes on as a press-to-test indication that the pullout cables are properly connected and that AMAC circuits (and the unit circuits) have proper continuity.

    d. Test Switch

    The Test Switch is used to verify that the Warning Light is not faulty. The Rotary Selector Switch must be in either the SAFE, GND, or AIR position for the Test Switch circuit to operate.

    e. Dim Control

    The Dim Control does not affect the Warning Light, but it does control the DCU-9/A panel illumination. This feature uses aircraft power and will function regardless of Rotary Selector Switch position.

    f. Holding Relay

    The DCU-9/A contains a Holding Relay which insures that Test Vehicle safing and monitoring power remains available even if the Rotary Selector Switch is returned from GND or AIR to OFF faster than the Test Vehicle safing cycle can be completed.

    7. DCU-9/A Weapon Prearming Control (Readiness Switches)

    This control, located at the pilot’s station, is a group of four toggle switches covered by a transparent coverer. These switches provide the Aircraft Commander with a means to permit or to prevent Test Vehicle prearming. When in the SAFE position, these switches prevent this DCU-9/A from making any fuzing option other than SAFE, and will override the DCU-9/A to place the Test Vehicle fuzing option component in the SAFE position. When in the READY position, the switches permit the DCU-9/A to provide a GND or AIR prearming signal. After the Test Vehicle has been prearmed by operation of the Readiness Switch to the READY position and the DCU-9/A to the GND or AIR position, the return of either the Readiness Switch to the SAFE position on the DCU-9/A to the SAFE position will cause the Test Vehicle fuzing component to reset to its SAFE position. These switches require that two aircrew members perform independent functions to provide the Test Vehicle with the one function required for prearming. The cover may be safetied and sealed closed if the switches are in the SAFE position. The arrangement precludes inadvertent operation of the switches from the SAFE the READY Position. Closing the cover places the switches in the SAFE position.”

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    I can just imagine in a few years time with a few more instruments; a nose wheel here; a fin there and then suddenly...... OMG - I can build a plane!

    What a fantastic collection.

    I'm a tad envious.

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    I'm with wagrif on the B52 thtottles ..... neat :-)

    Ok throttle up, and up, and up, and up, and up, and up many more?
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Quote by Danmark View Post
    I'm with wagrif on the B52 thtottles ..... neat :-)

    Ok throttle up, and up, and up, and up, and up, and up many more?
    I could see that. Still laughing here.....

    Carpal tunnel syndrome anyone? (not that CTS is even remotely funny)

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    Hi danno81, just to say what a fantastic collection you got there

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