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German key badge

Article about: Any info?

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    Default German key badge

    Any info?German key badgeGerman key badge

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    Cromwell: Where did you get it? The source is sometimes a clue to the item's real purpose. It looks to me that someone has taken an old skeleton key and brazed a swastika onto it and added the pin to create a broche. I can't even guess why or for what it was intended, but I really doubt that it has anything to do with the NSDAP. Maybe it's supposed to represent a Gothic jailor's key for someone who is into that Gothic business. Actually, looking at it again, it appears to have been cast in one piece, with the pin added. There is something written under the pin, can you spell it out ot provide a photo of the writing? Interesting all the same. Dwight

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    I don't think it s a cheaply made piece IMO? It s made of sterling silver and has a very nicely made hinge and catch mechanisim. I agree not military related but possibly a "sweetheart" memento american soldiers purchased these routinely, often associated with their branch of service army navy etc. "For mom brother and the like". Perhaps this hints of the key to my heart or the strength of the future, heavy symbolisim ? Not sure but great piece! I m sure someone here has seen one similar and will offer a better explanation.Regards

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    I believe we have a pre-war ladies' brooche symbolizing the "Key to Good Fortune"...
    cheers, Glenn

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    It reads 'Sterling' on the back. I too believe it is a good luck symbol,
    not III Reich related.........


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    Certainly not a TR item, but simply a nice vintage Sterling "Key to Good Luck" pin as Glenn said...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    It has C.H.STERLING on reverse.German key badgeGerman key badge
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    I would imagine that the "SIERLINO" is simply a worn "STERLING" silver mark...the "C.H." would be the maker's mark.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Can you take a shot with the pin up so we can see the makers mark please? I would also say the mark will say 'STERLING'.

    Not a TR related piece in any case and as already mentioned more likely to be a good luck broach. The swastika has been around for centuries before Hitler used it so it could be anything from Hindu related to Native American Indian.

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