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German Medal Bars

Article about: Hi all, As a matter of interest, I have decided to show some german medal bars which I hope you will find of interest. Please feel free to pass comment on the bars and where I am looking for

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    I do not see that at all. I also collect Japanese items, US items, British items, Civil War autographs, Cold War related stuff, comic books, toys, PEZ, etc.. I am a History teacher and I also use my items in the classroom. The only way it would be a betrayal to me is if I felt Germany should have won the war, or were Aryan Supermen, etc. (which I do not, and I am also half Hispanic). To me it is collecting items of a defeated enemy. As I said earlier, I like collecting and enjoy owning it and sharing my collection with others, but I do not worship or admire the Germans. I like to educate people about the horrors of the 3rd Reich, Imperial Japan, etc..

    You do not have to admire stuff to collect it. My late friend was African American and a school teacher as well. He collected slavery related items and anti-African Americans items. He did not admire the stuff, but used it to educate.

    Maybe you need to reevaluate why you collect the stuff.

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    Hi jarmijo78, Thank you for your comments and opinions. I think that your questions are valid but your presumed assumptions are a bit off the mark. I concur with the comments made by Jody and like Jody, I too collect to a variety of both Nationalities, Allied and Axis but also collect other none military items. Since long before the Roman Empire, soldiers have collected artifacts both from the battle fields and conquered countries ergo collecting is as old as mankind. The enemy's equipment is different to your own and is something out of the usual and also usualy seen as the "victor's spoils" thus celebrating victory and not seen as any kind of a betrayal. Ergo, to gloryfy, for argument sake, the Nazis, could and probably is seen as a form of betrayal. Most collectors collect generically "Militaria" with sub devisions of either Nationality or type and therefore have a variety of collectables. Even those who specialise in say Jap Swords do not usually condone Bushido or the killings perpetrated in the likes of the Burma Siam Railway or the Battan Death March etc. May I respectfully suggest that what the average collector, in any field, is doing, is to preserve history not only from an accademic perspective but, importantly, also from a phyisical and artifactual perspective. Without collectors, you would have no museums, without museums, you would not actual physical contact with history and without history we would just be corks bobing around in historic oblivion? Because we collect German, Italian, Japanese relics etc, does not make us War Mongers or disloyal etc, it makes us collectors and preservers of history, all we are are custodians of artifacts for future generations long after the original owners are long gone and forgotten.

    I hope that you can understand and perhaps even agree with the sentiments of my response and that you may see us for what we are.

    With thanks, regards and best wishes Michael Ryan

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    Yes I agree with Michael of course, as would almost everybody else on this forum. You are just asserting that it is a betrayal of ones country to collect items associated with an enemy, but you don't give any reasons as to how we harm our country by collecting these items. As Jody and Michael have said, we are interested in history but that does not mean we approve of it, and I doubt there is a single person here who admires the Nazi's.

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    Agreed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MR

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    I like the medal bars ! Here a few from my collection
    Regards from Norway

    German Medal Bars German Medal Bars German Medal Bars German Medal Bars German Medal Bars

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    Hi Norsk, Thank you for showing these photos. All very nice and desireable medal bars any of which I would be happy to have in my collection but I am intregued by the first bar!! What is it?? If I had to guess, I would try Finish?? Sorry to show my ignorance but I only recognise two of the medas on the bar. I also like the last bar, one of my favourite medals is the FSX in all three grades and coupled with the Honour Cross and the Fire Service, it is a very attractive group. If you have the time and would like to, it would be very nice and educasional to see some of your other bars and medals etc Thank you once again and best wishes From England. Regards and thanks Michael Ryan.
    PS My father was Norwegian, what part are you from????

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    Hi Michael,
    The medal bar is from a finish SS-soldier.
    Lars Paavo Bergius F.16.10.1916.
    Flak.Abt. 5,kers SS-Scarf/vääp.
    Finnisches Freiwilligen-Bataillon der Waffen-SS

    He was still alive in the late 1970s, and he updated his medalbar after receiving the 25 years Veterans Medal of Marit around 1970.

    Finland - Vapaudenmitali 1939 Medal of Liberty 2nd Class
    Finland - Talvisodan Muistomitali 1939 with Bar Tolvajärvi Commemorative medal of the winter war
    Finland - Jatkosodan Muistomitali 1941 Continuation war Commemorative medal
    Finland - Suojeluskunnan Ansiomitali Bronze Civil Guard Medal of Merit
    Finland - Itä-Kannaksen Risti 1941 Eastern Karelian Isthmus Cross
    Finland - Sininen Risti / Suojeluskunta Blue Cross for the Civil Guard
    Finland - Sotaveteraaniliiton Ansiomitali XXV-Bar War Veterans Ass. Medal of Merit
    Finland - Sotilaspoikien Perinneliitto ry Boy-Soldier Org. Commemorative Cross
    German Iron Cross second class 1939 Eisernes Kreuz 2 klasse/EK2
    German Russian front medal 1939 Medaille Winterschacht im Osten

    German Medal Bars German Medal Bars

    Use this link to find some of my other awards and medals. My collection WWII (German medal & badges)

    Regards from Norway (Hedmark)

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    Hi Norsk, Thank you for the update on your medal group. I am glad to note that when the vet added to his group that he left the original TR medals in situ and did not replace them with the 1957 versions. A fine group to an unusual recipient.
    With thanks, regards ansd best wishes Michael R
    PS Please feel free to add more of your groups and medals to this thread MR

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    Hi Norsk.your Finnish medal bar is superb I would consider parting with a kidney to acquire such a bar for my collection

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