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A glimpse of my little collection.

Article about: Czech CZ 39

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    In deed he was Scott. I wanted one back in the late 70's but was impossible to find in Iowa. No internet you know. Finally got one about 8 years ago. Really a well built derringer. Fits in my hand like a glove. The weight reduces the recoil from the 357. Trigger pull is its only safety. The gun is 100 percent reliable . Lots of people say bad things about the gun however they go for over $1700. used now days.

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    My South Korean Daewoo DR200 I got way back in 1996. Came with a thumbhole stock. Modified since than with an ACE folding stock, compliance parts, 90 degree safety and low profile rail.
    It is a attractive .223 cal. that is a blend of a AR-AK, and FAL

    Daewoo Precision Industries K2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture A glimpse of my little collection.  

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    I'd rather have that than a Daewoo car.

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    Here is a pic of my pet duck Sebastian chowing down on some bread. Warmed up to 35 degrees today.

    A glimpse of my little collection.

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    2 new guns I have added to my bucket list. When I thought I had all I wanted. Hopefully they make it out in the next year or two,
    The Shot Show is going on now and a lot of manufactures come out with guns and related product.

    I have collected guns all my life and have about everything. One of my gun categories are derringers.

    Check out this Video on this new folding derringer...

    Than to make my life harder Taurus is coming out with a compact revolver called The View. Another odd gun I will have to buy this year..

    Damn my obsessive collecting disease (OCD

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    Congrats on your new guns.

    I like much of what Taurus makes and those in the video segment seemed nice, but then Ive always had a weakness for J-frames and similar guns.

    Im sorry to say, that I find the Bondhus utterly impractical (fold out levers and a laser aiming device for what is surely intended as a fast and furious very short distance weapon) and I must say a joke at $795. Nice if you have the dough and you can spend your funds as you please, but maaaaan, there are a lot of nice guns out there, that I'd rather have for that amount of money.

    BTW Nice seeing pics from SHOT. I was there not too long ago and it was loads of fun (no pun intended).

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    Posting some of my Holy Grail pistols from my private collection-museum
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture A glimpse of my little collection.   A glimpse of my little collection.  

    A glimpse of my little collection.  

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    Awesome collection/museum! I really like your interpretation of 'Diversity'. That is a concept you can really wrap your hands around.

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    A glimpse of my little collection.

    I have a bunch of AR variants in my collection. Over Christmas got some 80% poly AR receivers that can be made 100 with dremel and drill.
    A Kalifornia hit the media to ban home made guns and magazines. He was a putz. They are still trying.
    California proposal seeks to regulate homemade 'ghost guns' | Fox News
    One funny reply to it:
    The Samson MFG Ghost Gun - Gunmart Blog

    Because of this I have decided to build a AR ghost gun. I don't have one in my collection.
    Got all the parts on their way. Damn the prices are low now. Got a bolt and carrier for $79, Pistol stock $60. Got a 7.5" complete upper for only $310.Also got a charge handle and mag well grip for $30. I already have a laser sight for it so....with one of my 80% I have to finish I will have a ghost pistol!!!
    The mag well grip is tan and I think I will use a green receiver. It will be colorful!!


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    Quote by rogertc1 View Post
    Yeah yeah, but will it have a .30 caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets.......mind you, thirty magazine clip in half a second?

    Quote by rogertc1 View Post
    a putz.

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