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Had to buy this 16th Century German Crossbow called a schnäpper

Article about: Update Gents, after 7 months of restoration the bow is fully funtional agian, having a new double string, missing parts have been handmade by a blacksmith and, the string was made by a bow e

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    Early Assault Rifle
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    Indeed Larry, its a very fast loading crossbow, and this type of bows made an end to armoury on the battlefieds!
    It could easily penetrate them!


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    It's first usage on the battlefield must have come like a literally thunderbolt to the force being used against. Imagine, coming up to do battle and being fully armored and approaching with Total confidence, knowing that nothing the enemy had could do you serious harm.....These weapons were an Enormous equalizer and game changer. Prior to their introduction, the average peasant was totally helpless against the armored man. Having a suit of armour was the equivalent of sitting inside your own private Tank- nothing the peasants had could get through to you. In fact, in many locales, simply Owning a suit of armor was against the law and even if it wasn't, no one but the wealthy could have afforded a set. They were at the full mercy (or tyranny)of anyone who did.
    After the appearance of the crossbow, there was a serious fight against these weapons. The armored noblemen considered them Terror weapons and anyone found with one was....well, "not nicely treated"...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I'm glad this popped back to the Top. Very intersting crossbow. I like the name "schnapper". That is most likely the sound it make's whem fired. Just a wonderful piece to have displayed.
    Semper Fi

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    Man that stock is cool! well....and everything else! CRAP! Rossi WANT!!!!

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    Very Interesting Item! Thank you for sharing. I too, would love one!

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