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headgear display update

Article about: many thanks for the nice comments timothy, steve ,meyle, taka and rené

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    Default headgear display update

    hello gents ,well recently ive been upgrading my helmet display shelving and completed my relics display ,this spurred me on in completing the next section of shelving so now ive revamped the lions share of the room ,so i thought id show the results so far ,,ive gone back to my first passion which some of you will know is collecting world helmets from the 20th century so my mannequins displays have all been demobbed but there helmets have been added to the shelves ,allthough difficult what ive tryed to achieve is a timeline of a certain genre's of helmet's as you will notice ive gone from ww1 through ww2 and beyond to the cold war period this is where it gets difficult especially with the helmets from the soviet block countries ,ive gone as far as i can with the german section and defined the east german /west german helmet section with a piece of berlin wall for demarcation ,ive also tryed to use the neutral swiss helmets as a similar solid demarcation from there they gradually become more modern and im sure you interest in looking will wane accordingly so now my next task will be to upgrade the displays on the righthand side of the room it will continue the same theme but i will add all my soft headgear caps /berets etc to this headgear display  updateheadgear display  updateheadgear display  update

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    more detailed pics as the panoramic shots are too big to take in the last picture shows the display in its incomplete form this is the section ive yet to revamp so i apologise to its condition headgear display  updateheadgear display  updateheadgear display  updateheadgear display  updateheadgear display  updateheadgear display  updateheadgear display  update

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    Nothing to apologize for there! Great use of space for an awesome collection. I'm curious, what's the room look like from the outside? It almost looks like the top of a tower or something.

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    Awesome James! Haha it does look like it's at the top of a tower. Adds to a very cool look for the display! Cheers, Sean.

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    Very nice stuff. Lots of good relic stahlhelms. Excellent stuff.

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    many thanks todd are you familiar with the term bungalow stateside ? its just the roof space of my modest 2 bedroom pied-ŕ-terre here's a pic of the rear of the property ,thanks for your nice comments i know your a fan of the sturmhelms as i am too cheers james headgear display  update

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    many thanks sean and PZ

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    Looks fantastic James

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    thank you visor

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    Indeed James, familiar with the term bungalow here

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