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How to expose our stuff?

Article about: Hello , I would like to add the question. I guess it's important to every collection. Isn't presenting our stuff ( especially documents ) in a frames covered just by glass dangerous ? I mean

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    Default How to expose our stuff?

    Hello , I would like to add the question.
    I guess it's important to every collection. Isn't presenting our stuff ( especially documents ) in a frames covered just by glass dangerous ? I mean is glass enough to protect our documents from dangerous sun's light that can make this pieces of history to get faded?


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    Hello Semper, IMO it's ok if placed in a frame. Surely direct sunlight will fade the colors of ink away and make the paper more yellow. If you hang them on a wall were the sunlight doesn't rich them it's ok. Some members prefer to keep papers and photos in files.
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    Sunlight, damp, central heating and moths are the enemies of all collections! Whilst its nice to have documents, photographs, etc on display they will fade and deteriorate over time. You can buy special glass that stops or lessens the UV light on framed items, however you also need to take into consideration what the document, etc is going to be mounted on as some papers contain acid which can damage the original item. If you have something valuable or rare I would seek professional advice as to what the best way is to frame it. Rememeber not to have something in direct sunlight and this will speed up the fading / discolouration and also not in semi sunlight as you may end up with one half lighter /darker than the other. Its also not a good idea to have items next to or over a radiator as this can casuse things to dry out or warp.
    I have some items from my collection in my (very small) office now as I ran out of bedrooms (The rest is boxed), however, I always make sure that the curtains / blind is down when the sun is at it strongest or when I am not using the room. The other thing I do is to rotate my collection so that items are on display for a month or so and then put away out of sun light - although if I had my own 'Furher bunker' I would probably have it all on display, then again if it was in a bunker I wouldn't have to worry about sunlight. Start digging!

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    Also avoid fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent's emissions are very harmful to documents and fabrics of any age. Museums try never to use them, but when they do, they do so only using a special shield filter around the light tube. The fluorescent lights actually will "consume" the filter over time, requiring their periodic replacement. I had thought about using fluorescents in a display case many years ago, my thinking being that their much lower temperature would be an advantage in terms of preservation, but upon researching it further I found that the professionals do all they can to avoid fluorescents. That raises a question in these mandated green days: what do we do as incandesants are being banned and are disappearing from the shelves? Are the modern fluorescent lights that are contained within a glass ball, intended to make them look like incandescents, "shielded"? Speaking for myself, I am stocking up on incandescants for my war room until I get a clear answer on the safety of the modern fluorescent lights.

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