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IDF Paratroopers shirt!

Article about: Hi all ,forgive me if this is in the wrong forum area but I could not find an appropriately "titled" section! I just thought I would show you my new Israeli Defence Force Paratroop

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    Hi Steve ,here is an image of the "full" length of the shirt and one of my Golani Brigade shirt. Leon.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    very nice set leon ,i notice the hebrew zahal patch above the breast pocketthanks for showing

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    Leon, thanks for posting the Golani shirt, apologies for not responding earlier, long weekend and I wanted to do some more digging. I think some things don’t add up with the shirts you have, I’ve seen your many responses on German stuff and I’m sure you understand the devil is in the detail.

    Before I comment, it’s probably best you know where I get my opinion from because reference material is hard to come by. My wife is Israeli, and I have also served in the IDF (it’s all part of the welcome pack you get when you marry for a visa). So although our experiences are fixed at certain points between us we have an understanding of the standard regulations.

    Generally the Israeli soldier has two different uniforms Aleph and Bet (A and B). Alpeh is worn when travelling outside of the base, Bet is training and operational (fatigues is the best description), MPs stop you leaving the base in fatigues. They are different in material, cut and colour, Aleph is the one that is worn with the badges, ribbons and tags and is more of an olive color, Bet has nothing in the way of unit identification, rank is shoulder slides or used to be pinned on the sleeve.

    The Golani shirt, this is a fatigue shirt, the ‘Tzahal’ in yellow is the visual give away (this can also come in black), which means that it wouldn’t come with the badges, ribbons and tags. The shoulder rank is correct for this shirt, Aleph uniforms have a better quality rank insignia. Below is a picture of a Golani officer in Aleph uniform, you can see the difference in the shirt.

    Name:  golani a.png
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    The paratrooper shirt, I have to admit, I have not seen this type of shirt before, I think it is a newer version of the other fatigue shirt (could you post the internal labels of both shirts, it may clear it up). As I said earlier the paratroops wear a different Aleph uniform to all other units in the IDF, below is a better picture of this, it is longer and has the additional pockets. Their fatigues are the same. So again I think the badges and tag are not on the correct shirt. I would also expect to see an officers rank in conjunction with the ‘Press Officer’ tab.

    Name:  para a.png
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    I find it unlikely that the ‘Press Officer’ would be attached to the Parachute Infantry Brigade, they may have been a paratrooper, but with that tab would more likely be serving with the Spokespersons Unit and have a different shoulder tag. IDF Spokesperson's Unit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Reservists no longer have an Aleph uniform and are allowed to travel in fatigues, but no identification other than rank is worn.

    I don’t think it really detracts from what you have, I doubt you have huge amounts of money invested.

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    well steve thats a revelation about your time in the idf and good of you to share it here if im in any doubt with future purchases i might drop you a line if you dont mind

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    Quote by James C View Post
    well steve thats a revelation about your time in the idf and good of you to share it here if im in any doubt with future purchases i might drop you a line if you dont mind
    Yes I am living testament to the fact that women get you into a lot of trouble and that IDF like all armies, has cannon fodder, not just elite units. I'll help out in any way I can if you have questions.

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    I've just realised the pictures don't enlarge, I've added the links to the source below.

    Meet the IDF: Shimon Siso, 23, Golani Infantry Brigade | Articles | Jewish Journal

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    Quote by Tinhat View Post
    Sorry, I'll explain myself better with the aid of a picture. The photo below, may be contrived but but shows what I mean.

    If you look at the paratrooper, his shirt (there should be another word for it), the belt goes over the shirt, where as all the others the shirt tucks into the trousers. It's more like a tunic but there is nothing worn underneath.

    Attachment 693571

    I would like to see the Golani shirt.

    The are other units in the IDF that struggle to tuck their shirts in

    Attachment 693572
    Shalom ladies.
    I will tuck them in for them.
    There are some military butts I wouldn't mind kissing.

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    Hi Steve ,thanks for that information ,the para shirt I can see from your image must be incorrect as I can see the pocket you refer to on that one. That shirt I am told is a new pattern that has only been out for around a year so that's why you may not have seen one during your time in the IDF. The Golani stuff all came together in a carrier bag so I guess that they all belonged to the same guy, I just put the badges on the only shirt in the bag(which must have been his other type like you have corrected me on). There was no other shirt in the bag so the one the badges should be on must have been lost to time? Here is an image of the label in the Golani shirt ,the "newer" shirts label has been removed unfortunately. Do you know what the little red backed IDF badge is that I have pictured, I never have gotten to the bottom of that?
    Even though the "newer" shirt did not come with the Golani insignia ,would it make more sense to put those onto that shirt without the Tzahal and leave the shirt with the Tzahal blank? Thanks for all your help ,it is most appreciated ,what a privilege to have served in the IDF ,both you and your wife. Israel is a beautiful country that my wife and I loved when we were over there a few years back. Leon.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	aq 001.jpg 
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Name:	aq 002.jpg 
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    Leon, thanks for confirming that the para shirt is a new type, I think these will be the nylon ones that nobody likes, the older one was cotton.

    I’ve found the badge you have, some of the direct rank translations are a bit odd because the IDF had common ranks across all services, the best I can come up with is ‘Junior Chief Warrant Officer’ (Ranam is the Hebrew abbreviation) this is also known as ‘Petty Officer First Class’.

    Name:  1236.gif
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    It was single badge worn on the left collar only and this form was superseded in the early 2000s by the shoulder slides you have on the shirt. The slides you have are for a Chief Warrant Officer, the badge was slightly different.

    Name:  WO2.gif
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    CWO is the highest rank you can achieve without doing the officer training course and is normally only held by soldiers that sign on for additional periods after national service. If you bought these from the same person then he was probably promoted. I also think it is probaly hard to find one that has been issued and worn

    I wouldn't change the things over, they look good together, I prefer the faigue shirts at least they have been dirty.

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    Thanks for that information once more Steve , I will leave the shirt as it is then except I will take the JCWO badge off of the pocket of the Golani shirt as it is plainly not where it should be! Nice to know what it is anyway! All the best ,Leon.
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    "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." Ernest Hemingway

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