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Kamikaze Flag,Photo album

Article about: Please read the story of the WWII attack on the USS Saratoga and my Dad’s story of some of the most valuable pieces of war relics you have ever come across. I have very special WW II wartime

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    Kamikaze Flag,Photo albumKamikaze Flag,Photo albumKamikaze Flag,Photo album

    Can anyone PLEASE read the Postcard..... Thank you....

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    Circuit advertisement Kamikaze Flag,Photo album
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    First one
    "To: Central China Expeditionary Unit "Sakae 7017" (Cipher for regiments, not sure specifically which one, Sakae 榮 was code for Central China Expeditionary Force)
    Miue Unit

    Harada Zensaku

    Kagoshima Prefecture ?????
    ???????? (Sorry not good at reading old script)

    Harada ???Mi (a woman's name for sure)"

    This is probably a lady in Kagoshima writing to her husband or son perhaps in China.

    Second one, this one is a military postcard presumably sent back from the front.
    "To: Mie Prefecture
    Iinan district Kushida Village Toyohara 1 9 3

    Ikeda Kiku


    Can't really read the cursive on the third one

    Someone with better education please reply.

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    For the flag, turned clockwise.
    Big text on top: "武運長久=May your martial luck last", pretty normal
    Big text on lower left says 尽忠報国=Serve with utmost honor and loyalty for the fortunes of my nation

    The red stamps are REALLY weird, usually they would be from shinto shrines or something like that but these say
    "防衛司令部之印Seal of the defense command"
    There were defense commands in various parts of the country but none I know of that was called just "defense command" and I can't imagine why they'd have a seal for it.

    Big text on lower right says "Tojo Hideki" which I find more than a bit weird.

    The text was clearly done not by a yank but someone who knew calligraphy but (correct me if I'm wrong) it looks like the same guy wrote everything and the stamps look a bit dope. Also why would PM Tojo sign the flag?

    Now I'm not a flag collector or anything so this is just coming from me as someone who knows Japanese.

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    I love a good mystery, I will stay tuned to this thread with my eyebrow raised of course.

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    Thank you haru so much for taking your time in translating that much for me. I have come to accept the flag as a Tojo fake from what everyone has told me... My focus is on the letters I will take better pics for you to see.... if I post something upside down or sideways please let me know so I can correct it so it will be easier for you to read, I am sorry I am not sure which way they should go....I do believe the letters may hold a key s to the soldiers name,or of his last mission.... It is odd he would have an un-mailed letter from a restricted zone that required a censor stamp to be mailed. Since the censor block is blank you have to assume they wouldn't approve it to be mailed so he put it in his "death album" .... I will post better pics soon and would greatly appreciate any more help you can give me... Again... Thank you sir for your time and concern....... Gratefully... Pat R

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    Kamikaze Flag,Photo albumKamikaze Flag,Photo albumKamikaze Flag,Photo albumKamikaze Flag,Photo albumKamikaze Flag,Photo album

    Well I am back from Florida and have seen enough proof for myself and many others as well. When I went we also promised our kids a trip to Universal in Orlando so we were only able to stay one day at the reunion. I went to see the pictures of the plane. Since this was their reunion they had a lot of events scheduled. It was 2 pm before they got back and opened the museum exhibit. We were shown tons of the sailors personal photo albums as well as ships logs. I did not know how limited my time in there would be. We had only a couple hours and then they were leaving again and it would be locked up again. We looked frantically for the pictures or evidence supporting my Dad’s claim. The man that invited me there said all the proof was in one of those albums of pictures but he wasn’t sure which one they were in. We were unable to find the pic of the plane itself but he assured me it is in there. We did however find 100% proof that Kamikaze did crash and break apart and artifacts were in fact removed from his body.. I have posted the pictures above as well as video testimony on one man that was there. They said they will look for the other pictures that we were unable to find due to not having enough time and get them to me at a later date. Mr. Fitzgerald told me that there wasn’t much left of the plane, it pretty much scattered all over the deck. He said the cockpit pieces as well as the body went exactly where my Dad said it did. He said the body was still on deck the next morning and they buried it at sea that day. He said they were not allowed to take souvenirs off the planes or bodies but they all did it anyway. He said he has a piece of the guy’s parachute that has his blood on it, he said that by the time a buddy of his got to the body all that was left was his parachute so they cut it up and split it amongst themselves. One guy got his diary but he was forced to turn it in because of the inelegance that might have been on it. The pictures of the diary are out of a Saratoga book. SO TO ALL YOU NON BELIEVERS THAT BASICALLY CALLED ME AND MY DAD A LIAR…….. YOU SAID THERE WAS NO WAY ANYTHING WAS TAKEN OFF A PILOT……… WELL HERE IS YOUR PROOF….. In addition one of the sailors there is married to a wonderful Japanese lady that is a current citizen and was able to read the letters in the album…. She said in her opinion they are definitely from the pilot….. She was crying as she read them…. I am going to send her detailed pictures of all the writing and she is going to type me all the translations. She said the letters show his last letters were from the southernmost part of Japan right were the Kamikaze bases were located. She said the un-mailed postcard was written a very old cross between Japanese and the Chinese languages mixed and she could not translate it accurately but knows someone in Japan that can and will get that done for me. She is going back to Japan at the end of this month and she said she is very excited about this. She is going to do all the research in Japan that we cannot do here….. She is going to try and find the pilot’s family as well as get his military records for me…. She also said she believes my flag is real due to having seen many of the fakes that yawl talk about, but she said the writing on mine is clearly done by different pens and each signature is done by a different person…..that much she knows for sure. She is going to research the flag in Japan as well.
    So this is what I have so far….. I am seriously leaning toward returning it to the Japanese family… but who knows.

    I will email anyone that request a copy of the video testimony of Mr. Fitzgerald... or someone tell me how I can post it on here... Thanks

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    It was nice that you got to the reunion and saw the pictures,I can`t help but wonder why a Kamikaze pilot on a one-way trip would be wearing a parachute?

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    I ask her the same thing... she said they all wore them in case of mechanical trouble they could bale out or if they went on mission and found nothing to attack they would often run out of fuel trying to get back to base to fly another mission..

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    Beware, gentlemen!

    The OP posted this same information on gunboards and they deemed the flag to be a post war fake ("signed" by Tojo and Hirohito) and the other items to not be kamikaze related at all!!

    Here is the gunboards thread:
    Real Kamakazi Flag and Photo Album

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    Lets just say the story is true, wow good for you, have a pat on the back, now move on. I personally grew tired of this thread and story long ago and its obvious the same can be said for others, if it was for sale me and many others still wouldnt buy it. maybe the six o' clock news will cover it now. LOL

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