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King & country

Article about: just found these

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    Only the star gets main billing

    Actually it is the first time I had seen it.

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    Best "cut and paste" it into Volume 3 !!!


    Gary J.

    (72 times in For King and Country ... !!!! .. I'll make a note of that )

    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    Only the star gets main billing

    Actually it is the first time I had seen it.

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    The Toy Soldier Show was great, thanks

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    I bought some King & Country soldiers at the SOS a couple of years ago, practically half price what they were over here. The set I bought was the LAH oath taking across the flag, with dear old "Sepp" in the background. The detail is astounding, and I'm told is clear because it is laser done. You can even see the AH cuff title in its minute form and true detail

    Quite amazing to be honest
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    gah i didnt know we had any famous people in our forum lol Adrian when& where is the book signing haha

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    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    This is the other King & Country

    Me starring on the front cover, twice actually, and 72 times inside, but I have not counted

    Gary is my UK agent
    I have not seen this, Awesome Ade.
    You must be proud for being i a cover of a magazine.

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