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Matthewsq (Quinn's) Collection!

Article about: Hey Guys! Thought I would show off my collection to the forum! It's a pretty small bundle of items, but I'm proud of it I'm mostly interested in world war one items, so I've been spending mo

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    Default Matthewsq (Quinn's) Collection!

    Hey Guys!

    Thought I would show off my collection to the forum! It's a pretty small bundle of items, but I'm proud of it
    I'm mostly interested in world war one items, so I've been spending most of my time purchasing/researching items from that time period. If any one wants to see more detailed photos of anything, lemme know, and I'll steal my moms iPhone for a bit to snap some pictures
    My latest acquisition is the Steyr mannlicher model 1895. I bought it at a gun show yesterday, unfortunately it's deactivated.

    Canadian law states that I can't purchase firearms, since I'm 16 and not yet of legal age. So this should suppress my need for firearms for the time being :P

    The 1895 is definitely an impressive weapon... The length (50 inches) and heft of it is easy to appreciate. There is a "CC" Stamped in the butt stock? Not sure what this means, bu I like the rifle alot
    If anyone could give me more details on it I'd be delighted. Would my example have been used during the first world war?

    The medals are my grandpas, he was in the Canadian artillery (5th medium battery I beleive, from Prince Edward Island, Canada) He fought through France and Germany. Unfortunately, he passed before I was born.

    The belt is from world war 1, it's a Bavarian 1916 buckle/tab, but the belt itself is market 2T.B. 1900, which has been identified by some forum members (thanks guys) as the second train battalion, bavarian, made in 1900. There is still some light green paint on the buckle.

    The bayonets include a german ersatz, which I think was also used post war by Turkey, and two p1907's. One is a siamese wild tiger corp, and the other is a wilkinson pall mall, february 1918.

    There are some other items thrown in, such as a fossilized fish, fossilized dinosaur feces (cool eh?) and a diorama I built a while back.

    The book, "Abyssinian Campaign", was given to me by my great aunt. It's from 1942, and has a picture of my great uncle, a sergeant with the desert rats, in it! I'll show that later on.

    Collecting militaria at my age can be tough, especially considering the prices of items. For now I stick to local sales only.

    Looking forward to many more years of Militaria Collecting!


    Matthewsq (Quinn's) Collection!

    Matthewsq (Quinn's) Collection!

    Matthewsq (Quinn's) Collection!

    Matthewsq (Quinn's) Collection!

    Matthewsq (Quinn's) Collection!

    Matthewsq (Quinn's) Collection!
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    Default Re: Matthewsq (Quinn's) Collection!

    Great start Quinn Keep it up and thanks for sharing

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    Default Re: Matthewsq (Quinn's) Collection!

    Very nice so far,we all started small and aquired more as we could afford it......Pete.

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    Default Re: Matthewsq (Quinn's) Collection!

    Thanks Gents!

    Forgot to add, all my buys have been local, haven't yet dealt with buying online. If I do, I think the forum classifieds would be the first place I'll check out.

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    Default Re: Matthewsq (Quinn's) Collection!

    Also, If anyone has photos of the long 1895 rifle being used, I'd love to see them.


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    Default Re: Matthewsq (Quinn's) Collection!

    what is the item in the top left corner of the first picture?

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    Default Re: Matthewsq (Quinn's) Collection!

    Hey Crites,

    It's a diorama I built a few years ago! It shows the battle of Stalingrad.



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    Default Re: Matthewsq (Quinn's) Collection!

    Looks like a pretty good start, Quinn! It's always tough to get going, but once you do, collecting kind of takes on a life of it's own! (I like the fossil fish!) As for buying anything online, Please don't hesitate to post any photos(the clearer-the better) here on the Forum of anything you're looking at or interested in buying and we can guide you through if it's good or not-and there are a Humungous number of fakes to get burned on out there, so we can Definitely help you avoid those traps! If you don't know what it is, or if you're not sure if it's good, just ask! And welcome to the Forum, by the way!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: Matthewsq (Quinn's) Collection!

    i see you have a 1939 - 45 medal,a The 1939-45 Defence Medal which i've never seen one before(though thats not saying much) a 1939 - 45 star,and 2 i dont recognize me personally i want to get an Italy Star

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    Default Re: Matthewsq (Quinn's) Collection!

    You're off to a great start, Quinn.

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