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MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World

Article about: Post them up All I have this UK Mk6 helmet cover to fire up with

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    Quote by reneblacky View Post
    After lengthy, serious & harsh negotiations with Adrian "Composite" I'm able the show this UK Warm Weather MTP. Most interesting is that it's made in Cambodia not China! I just see that Jerry's trousers are made there too!
    Nice to have a decent spread of this pattern.

    Huge THANKS Adrian
    Makes my blood boil that the MOD doesn't use British factories any more.
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    Default you wear it on digs? or is it for display? I've got an MTP Windproof which is first class when standing in an Arms Fair queue in the biting wind.....

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    Quote by Composite View Post you wear it on digs? or is it for display? I've got an MTP Windproof which is first class when standing in an Arms Fair queue in the biting wind.....
    Assuming you are asking me, I bought it as a extra waterproof coat as needed and keep it in the car under the seat in case of need.

    The MTP para smock I have is for the collection only....probably.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    The MTP grab bag- basically identical to the DDPM version but in the new camo. Pockets on either end are for grenades- one smoke and two frag. The pockets on the front are for mags and the lid has a Velcro and elastic opening for quick access to the interior.

    MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" WorldMTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" WorldMTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" WorldMTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" WorldMTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" WorldMTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" WorldMTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World

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    Thank you Mr Spite...great addition.

    I rely on a PECOC version of one of these for my go-to Fair bag....mag pouches hold bottles of water and the body just...JUST .......holds a MkII Helmet.........

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    MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" WorldMTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" WorldMTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World

    Heres my contribution to this thread. A GSR gas mask bag.

    Pretty cool bit of kit the GSR is but i need to get new filters for it.

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    Again after lengthy, serious & harsh negotiations that took months to complete!! with Adrian "Composite"
    A Mk 7 cover complete with a box guitar box (guitar works well for a cheapy & not from Compo)

    oh the Czech cap is the Mk7 helmet ok

    Again Cheers Adrian
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World   MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World  

    MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World  
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    Quote by Jerry B View Post
    Does anyone know the time line for MTP?
    Quote by Composite View Post
    I've been looking at a number of MTP shirts/jackets (camo can't be that good then can it!.....boom boom!)....and there's clearly a number of different cloth types used but I'm ASSUMING the camo pattern itself is standard / universal. The colouring changes but that's common across climate categories...but again, I'm assuming the underlying shapes, curves etc are the same. The palette appears to change for those garments destined for drier areas and a more pink tint seems prevalent.

    Are there pattern variations? (shapes, patterns....over the lifetime of British MTP...not colour or climate). We all talk about "early DPM"..."Sparse pattern desert" question is are we still in the period of "1st pattern MTP"?

    As I've said, I've come across a number of material types (not pattern...not garment style...the actual cloth itself) - and there's little point in attaching pics as you can't FEEL the cloth....

    - Temperate (+ fire retardant treated version)
    - Warm Weather (+ Insect repellent treated version + I assume a "Fire retardant version as well???) ...more Aetex-like in it's feel
    - Windproof smock - as one would expect, this feels more man-made, is smoother and less forgiving - the weave isn't overly clear and it's harder to tear
    - Gortex - this is probably the easiest to identify...material is shiny, with little "give"

    + NBC suit??? - is there one?

    It might be my imagination but I THINK that some treated garments actually FEEL different
    ….. pics removed to save electrons …..
    Hi Compo - found this from your mention on DPM thread!

    There's been some inclusion of similar patterns on this thread but, strictly speaking, MTP term should only be used for the UK issue pattern (& I'm sure I remember mention at its launch of the design being legally protected)! For example, US kit (certainly SF) is Crye Precision 'Multicam' not MTP...

    So the following only refers to the current pattern for UK camouflage clothing; on which basis I propose we are already in the '2nd age' of MTP!

    MTP was first used for an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) range of clothing (plus a few other items like body armour, associated pouches & packs etc). What you got were CS95-style uniform items, made of lightweight material, in the new colour scheme: shirt, trousers, smock, 'UBACS' (under body armour) shirts, helmet cover, 'goretex' & gloves spring to mind.

    Operational issues started for Afghanistan on HERRICK 11 or 12 (number refers to UK Task Force/Brigade 'roulement' not year) so first samples would have been 2009/10? It certainly wasn't fully fielded out there until HERRICK 13 though (I was there with 16 Air Assault Brigade &, while we deployed in the kit, some supporting units received items in Theatre). What's more troops reverted to DPM on homecoming. I haven't done any extensive study but IIRC labels stating "Multi Terrain" (vs "MTP") are for these UOR items.

    There was then an issue of 'proper' / Temperate MTP items later. This is, for instance, when the 'shirts' (actually labelled jackets) with vertical opening, Velcro-fastened front pockets arrived. I think I got mine issued in 2011 or 2012 but was in a 'desk job' at the time & so towards the end of fielding.

    At first (at least where I was) we were banned from any 'mixing' of the UOR & new clothing … but the trousers were difficult to distinguish from more than a few yards ('external' buttons on map pockets rather than within flap being the most obvious from outside) anyway ... then a CS95-style (but not identical) shirt was reintroduced for in-barracks use & nobody seemed that bothered anymore - the UOR kit wasn't overly robust & I certainly managed to exchange some pretty worn operationally used shirts & trousers for the new stuff

    All the variations mentioned above - warm weather, fire retardant etc - have been added into this 'Mk2' range (not that its ever labelled/called that though).

    Now, I'm just talking 'cut & style' in the above. No doubt there are colour / shade variations - perhaps by contract, perhaps even by batch - on top of that.

    Much longer stream of consciousness than I'd expected to write but hope that's useful to people?
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    Post Current PCS Items in MTP

    Some pictures of current Personal Clothing System (PCS) items in MTP...

    Windproof Smock:
    MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" WorldMTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World
    At first glance, these are similar to the first MTP items purchased as a UOR for Operation HERRICK. However those had fewer pockets (new item has a 'patch' pocket on wearers left chest one & zipped 'hand warmer' pockets behind the lower ones) as well as exposed buttons. The Velcro panels for badges were also at a different angle.

    Shirt (for 'in-Barracks' use):
    MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" WorldMTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World
    These are very, very similar to the first MTP UOR items … although those were described as a 'Jacket', following the previous CS95 convention.

    Trousers (Temperate Weather):
    MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World
    Note the map pocket buttons are covered & not exposed like the UOR ones (again, those were CS95 style). Also, you may just be able to make out the zipped 'change' pocket inside the left hip one.

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    Couple more parts of the Personal Clothing System...

    The current Under Body Armour Combat Shirt:
    MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" WorldMTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World
    Compared to the UOR type, this lacks the arm padding, has different panels for badges etc & is MTP on the body (UOR ones were a 'tan' mesh).

    The Lightweight Waterproof Jacket (Gore-Tex):
    MTP "Multi-Terrain Pattern" World
    I believe there may be a variety of additional types of waterproof jacket now?

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