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My Berlin Wall.

Article about: It's amazing what you can do with just some felt and craft wood willie !

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    Quote by James C View Post
    thanks dave ,it didnt want to detract to much on your thread with my display but just wanted to give you an idea of the versitility of plexi another bonus is you can drill through for fixing purposes ,that one solitary stahlhelm has given us all a small idea of great things to come ,you cant beat plain white backgrounds ,i attempted the same thing and the helmets on show really stood out ,what work have you got to do on the landie ,ive seen pictures of her and she looks superb ,are you pimping your ride a little more ,keep up the great work mate
    James, feel free to post any pics you like mate, it's always handy to see other peoples display ideas, you can always admire and learn something from them.

    The landie, I still have a few things to mate, I'm building as much myself as I can to get it up to how I want it. It's nearly done but there's a bit more to do, I want to build a storage box on the bonnet for carrying rope, tarps etc...and a spare wheel carrier on the back, bouncing along some of the rough corrugated tracks here in W.A. will soon destroy the rear door hinges on a defender when it's got the weight of a spare hanging from it so I'll need to sort that out quick smart. I won't get it done in time for my next trip but I want it sorted before the one after.

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    Had the mother in laws 70th birthday at our place this past weekend so nothing got done here but I did a small bit today after work, I've fixed a couple of pieces of 12mm light gauge aluminium angle to the inside edge of the long display cabinet, I will fix this stuff to all the inside edges of the cabinets and it will serve two purposes. I have recessed it 5mm in from the outside edge of the cabinet to allow for the thickness of the Perspex I will use to protect the displays. I will also use it to attach the LED light strips to because I'll run them along the inside edge of the angle, this should mean that the light will illuminate the displays but the lights themselves should not be visible. At least that's the plan!My Berlin Wall.My Berlin Wall.

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    Nice...I like the plan to hide the lights.

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    Thanks Glenn, I've been playing and I've still got plenty to do but I think it will work out to be alright!My Berlin Wall.My Berlin Wall.

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    WOW! Very atmospheric...

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    looks terrific so far dave

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    Any update on this mate?

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    Quote by Patrick Lewis View Post
    Any update on this mate?
    I've been away out bush so nothing done for a couple of weeks but will start again soon.

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    bringing any sort of weapens or anything like to this country is hard good luck. i just tryed to find out how get a 1969 flack jacket here, i said to the guy at customs ,now i know why ned kelly made his his own. it was to hard to import.looking good. cheers mark.

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    Did a bit more this morning, the top part of the second section. This is where I wanted the "Berlin bleibt Deutsche" but until I can find an appropriate pic to use it can stay blank - I might think of something else to do there in the meantime anyway. The large display section between the false floor and false ceiling will now be divided into several different sized display areas, a couple of larger spaces and a couple of smaller ones.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My Berlin Wall.   My Berlin Wall.  

    My Berlin Wall.  

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