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My Berlin Wall.

Article about: It's amazing what you can do with just some felt and craft wood willie !

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    ....looking forward to seeing the end result!
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    Last pics for the day, nothing spectacular, just some little white plastic caps to neaten up the screw heads. I probably won't get anything more done this weekend but hopefully I should get a bit more done next weekend.My Berlin Wall.My Berlin Wall.

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    Top job mate!.....
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    im enjoying the updates dave

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    Can't wait to see your collection in there!

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    Truckin' along, Davo!

    Nice clean work.


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    I decided to do a bot more after all. I've fitted a switch for the lights, the lights aren't going in yet but I wanted the switch in place so I knew where to work around it. I'm now making another section to mount another pic, this one will only be A4 size so doesn't need to be anywhere near as strong as the main one supporting the reichstag pic. The piece of board it will be mounted to is only 3mm thick so I've recessed the timber 3mm, again, so I can attach the next pic to it.
    My Berlin Wall.My Berlin Wall.

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    Great work!

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    And with a bit of A4 paper shoved into place to check measurements.My Berlin Wall.My Berlin Wall.

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    My Berlin Wall.The box behind where the little pic /description (whichever takes my fancy when I get to that point) will house some of the wiring for the lights. It also gives me the option of having a few LED's located in two or more places in the actual display area. The full wall in front of me here will be made up like this, so although it appears that I'm wasting quite a bit of room -which I am - I'm willing to do that as I think the overall look when the wall is complete will come together nicely. I can also utilise some of the room behind these pics to hide wiring, brackets and things holding displays in place and held at certain angles etc... To highlight pieces in the best possible way. This is the view from my desk, as you can see I do have a reasonable amount of wall space to fill before I reach my little bookcase where it will end.

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