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My Berlin Wall.

Article about: It's amazing what you can do with just some felt and craft wood willie !

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    Any thoughts on what items you will be displaying in there?

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    your doing very well dave. i look faward to seeing the rest.

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    I've got a heap of Berlin relics, some documents from the reich chancellery and the plate taken from the fuhrerbunker which is what I reckon will be the main display pieces. The plan is to start from left to right, underneath the reichstag pic I'm thinking of displaying the German helmet I have, the right hand side I'm looking at doing a model of the fuhrerbunker with the bottom section of the bunker leading up to the top "vorbunker" and then above that the chancellery. I'm looking at displaying the fuhrerbunker plate in the lower part of the model, and reich chancellery gear in the higher parts so, hopefully, it will all tie together. The background of each display area will also have a pic behind it as a backdrop. It probably sounds pretty strange but I think if it works out how I've planned it to, it should look alright. I hope so!

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    My Berlin Wall.

    Got a little bit more done today fellas, the little white square at the top of the narrow display section will not remain blank, it'll either have a picture or a description of what is being displayed. Behind it will be some of the wiring for the lights, it is also where I'll mount a down light for the narrow display cabinet I think. My Berlin Wall.

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    fantastic progress dave ,you have a mini museum in the making ,i also like the island display cabinet im sure this room when finished will be inspirational ,i always enjoy viewing the way different people display there collections ,we can all throw money at buying militaria but handbuilt displays like yours is what it truly makes a collection shine keep up the great work mate

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    Thanks James, much appreciated mate. So far it has cost me roughly $47 in materials to build what I have up to now. That price doesn't include the big pic of the reichstag, it's just the melamine and timber bracing. The only other cost is my time which is meaningless when it's a labour of love.

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    Excellent work! That will be a Fine display section for sure when completed! Keep us up to date when you do!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Thanks William.

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    $47...thats great! I pay more than that for a single display frame (and i have 16 of those)!

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    Started a bit more this arvo, I won't get much more done today but I hope to get a bit done tomorrow. I've built a false floor in the bottom of the display, I will have a fold down door in this section to hide a storage area. It'll probably get filled with books but I can also use it to store pieces which I can rotate through the display at different times. Above this section will be the second display area.My Berlin Wall.My Berlin Wall.

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