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My Berlin Wall.

Article about: It's amazing what you can do with just some felt and craft wood willie !

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    That's a very tidy bit of work you have done there - evidence of much careful measuring, marking out and cutting.

    I will be very interested to see how you eventually fill the large display space with 'exhibits'. Are you planning to put a glass front on the display area?



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    G'day Philip, yes mate, I'll be fitting Perspex windows to all the display sections. I'm hoping to have the whole thing ready to take the pieces I want to display in 3 or 4 weeks, I've got other things on the go as well so I'll have to see how I go but that's the plan!

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    great work dave ,ive been looking forward to an update ,the results speak for themselves ,as me dad use to say ,measure twice ,cut once , or was it the other way round ,i cant remember

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    Just starting on the next section gents, this will complete the wall cabinet. It will probably take me a few weeks to get it done but then will come the fun part, laying it all out! My Berlin Wall.My Berlin Wall.

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    Just starting on the false floor in the second section of the cabinet. My Berlin Wall.

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    It's coming along good, Dave. I hope you don't mind me asking a general question here - just wondering about opinions on the use of perspex vs glass. It's just that I've had very little to do with perspex, is all.

    Cheers, Willie.

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    G'day Willie, thanks for the comments mate. I'm using Perspex because I can work with it easier than glass, I can cut it with my circular saw to the various sizes I want for the display cabinet and I can drill it to screw it into place. The plan so far is to cut it to size, and screw it into place and cover the outside edge with a narrow frame. It's a bit difficult to explain but the idea of fixing it this way is that it is also very simple to remove the Perspex to alter displays etc...and it should also look quite neat when it is all in place.

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    Doesn't perspex scratch easily?

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    It probably scratches easier than glass but it's much easier to work with as it can be cut with a circular saw quite easily. It also comes with a protective plastic film over both sides, so you can mark it out and cut it, drill it and when it's ready to be fitted you just peel the protective cover off and it's crystal clear and unmarked. There's no doubt that glass is hardier but, I think, everything is a compromise and for my purposes I still reckon Perspex is the go.

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    Bearing in mind that one needs to use a thicker perspex (acrylic) to support objects than one would with glass as it is much less rigid than same thickness of glass. Perspex or acrylic sheet also prone to becoming even more flexible under very low heat levels. But it is definitely easier to cut and polish than glass. I have used "Duraglit" or "Brasso" to polish perspex edges but there are specific acrylic polishes.
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