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My Collection

Article about: Hi Kevin, you have a fine and focused collection with many interesting items, thank you for posting. In what area of gunsmithing do you work? Do you work for a private shop or for one of the

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    My CollectionHello my name is Kevin im from germany i磎 18 years old and i work as gunsmith
    In my freetime i collect everything from the german news company in world war two.
    If you have questions ask
    Here is a picture from a small part of my FF33磗
    (sorry my english isn磘 very well but my german is perfect )
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My Collection  
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    Sehr gut!
    Haben sie auch waffen, oder ein gewehr in dein Sammlung?


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    your english is better than my german
    have you got any other photos it definatly looks like a good collection must have taken a while

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    i add a new picture
    its a very rar german batterie

    Hi Hoffman sorry i dont collect weapons only field equipment and telephones

    how much cost a FF33 in england ore USA?


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    here a picture from a very rare Richard Bosse & Co. from 1945 i dont know anybody who have a second phone from 1945 perhaps i find one in this forum
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My Collection  

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    In US field phone cost about $150 give or take. I have always had a fondness for Field gear to!

    Danke f黵 Vorf黨rung

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    150$ thats a lot i pay about 30-50$

    here is an other telephone from 创Telefonbau and Normalzeit创 with an inductor from 创Brown Radio创 1942

    its build befor 1945 but exact date is unknown... its a 创Streckenvernsprecher创
    for Reichsbahn and after war it was used by DDR Reichsbahn
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My Collection   My Collection  

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    I have one German field telephone but I paid $400 for it years ago before I knew I could get them much cheaper overseas. I still have and I still like it, I just wish I hadn't paid so much. Live and learn I suppose. Your collection looks terrific mate!

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    One of the Aussie blokes on the forum is right into phones,I can't think who it is though sorry.
    Nice collection there mate,well done.Interesting that a young gunsmith would be into communication based collecting and not firearms.Diversity of interests a good thing.
    I hope you find what you seek mate.

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    Default Re: My Collection

    can you show me your telephone perhaps its 400$ worth

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