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My collection clutter - mark #2 ( or, will I ever learn to be tidy? )

Article about: Ok, so we sell up our home of 22 years ( where my collection was relegated to the garage .... " not having THAT STUFF in my house" ) and buy a farm. Wow, lots of room here darling,

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    Oh my god... What a terrible mess your rooms are in! I dream of having a collection that size! But alas... the station commander has relegated my junk to the small bedroom.
    Author of... 'Belfast Diaries: A Gunner In Northern Ireland'... 'A Tough Nut To Crack: Andersonstown.. Voices From 9 Battery Royal Artillery In Northern Ireland'... 'An Accrington Pal: The Diaries of Pte Jack Smallshaw, September 1914 To March 1919'.

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    Great collection Dan ..and is a great reason why so many husbands become " Garage husbands" ..a man cave to himself..but yet ...its never far enough away. I like the canteens and Gas mask canisters. Very Nice Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

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    Quote by James C View Post
    what a superb collection dan ive waited a long time to see an update to your collection, nice to see you still have a nice grouping of stahlhelm's and great idea using a book case too i though your farm purchase wiped out your lids or was it just the relics ? all i have in my shed is paint tins and half used bag of cement thats gone off cheers james
    Thanks James - no it didn't force me to sell it all ( did that once before and regretted it ) but it has slowed me down. That and the falling dollar has meant my collecting is on 'cruise' setting for a good while.

    Cheers, Dan
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Quote by Rossi View Post
    Great Stuff Dan!!!

    Also...Post Pictures of your Willy's Jeep Buddy! Steve and I both have Willy's! Here is my old thread and some Jeep Talk!

    1945 Jeep Willy's
    Will do Rossi - just have to scan the photos (it was pre-digital days ) but it was my 'leap year jeep' with a dod of 29-02-44.
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Thanks for all the comments lads ..... but for me the 'like' and 'thank' buttons have stoppef working? ??
    ( and I'm on my cell)???
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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