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My collection of Helmets -1913/1945

Article about: Hi, first time posting my helmet collection. Relatively new to collecting them, so trying to find good examples of each country involved in the arenas of ww1, between the wars, and ww2. WW1

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    You have a very nice diverse collection of helmets. I included a photo of a helmet display in the West Point Museum depicting helmets of WWII. I'd venture to say that yours is more impressive. Cheers, Al.

    My collection of Helmets -1913/1945

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    Hmm, that's interesting, guess I didn't realize the value of what I had, thanks for the kind words! I will post some new items as I get them, cheers!

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    very nice collection and im liking your custom made stands they have a character of there own just a few questions ,is the danish helmet civil defence ,i cant quite make out the russian helmet is it ssch39 or 40 what type of spanish helmet is the one with the francoist eagle emblem on and ive heard the greek type of helmet was manufactured by italy but im not sure anyway thanks for sharing you quality collection ,james

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    Thanks for the kind words, here's what I know but there are folsk here who are experts. The danish helmet is prewar or wartime but instead of the cork paint is has this thick dark grey paint. It is the older thicker shell and brass plate with batch number version, not the newer thin steel black ones. Badge is repro though, since I have never seen another real one for sale off of a helmet. the Spanish is an Eibar made by the republicans in the basque country, the original olive paint has the later Spanish civil war brown on it as well, but the green is voisible under spots. after franco's troops captured pomplona and reused these helmets. The Russian is a wartime ss40 made in widows factory, and then repainted for use at some point during the war, (i heard many items were reused form the battlefield so who knows, but with original liner. The greek is the official greek army ww2 made in italy prewar, It has what i hear is the rare original dark olive paint and the dark brown liner..but I am not an expert...

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