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My collection of military items.

Article about: Though my collection is small compared to many, I wish to showcase my items for your enjoyment. I hope that it encourages the newer / younger collectors to go out there and seek out nice ite

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    Default My collection of military items.

    Though my collection is small compared to many, I wish to showcase my items for your enjoyment. I hope that it encourages the newer / younger collectors to go out there and seek out nice items for their own collections. I just have a collection of 'nic nacs' and haven't got a defined period or particular unit or country in mind. Some of the things I got growing up as a 'army brat', some I was given and alot was bought in places like charity and junk shops and antique stores as well as from proper military dealers. They're mostly fun, to me anyhow, items and let me 'touch' history in a direct way not possible watching TV or reading a book (which, off course, I do and probably way too much!). I am not a serious collector, so this isn't a serious collection either. It is basic but, I hope, fun.

    I'll start with some US webbing I've had since I was 12. My father was a US Army NCO and at the time we were based in West Germany. I had just joined the Boy Scouts and needed a canteen for our hiking and camping. Dad gave me his old belt with the pouches, canteen and holster. I took off the holster and used the belt for many years, first as a Boy Scout, later into my twenties when hiking. Recently I reattached the old holster, which I still had, and it is now part of my Cold War collection. Nothing special, but it was a common combination for USAREUR units patrolling the border during the 1970s. A LC-1 belt, M-56 Canteen and dressing pouch and a WWII era ammo pouch (dated on the back 1945). The holster is for a M1911A1, don't know how old it is, probably 1970s. The dressing pouch still has its original contents.

    Attachment 430843Attachment 430844

    Now, years later in my twenties I always watched British war movies from the 1950s. I especially liked actors such as John Mills in films such as Dunkirk and Ice Cold in Alex. I always liked the 37 pattern webbing belts and holsters worn by the actors and always wanted one of these 'basic officer's order' set ups. So when I bought my deact .38s I just had to have the belt and holster too. So here is my belt and holster complete with little ammo pouch. This is the set up I always thought cool. It is not authentic in that the holster and ammo pouch are WWII dated, the belt is dated 1952, but as I said, I'm not a serious collector. I cleaned up that set up and re-blancoed it a European green. I guess it could be said to be a 1950s BAOR belt order now.

    Attachment 430847

    Well, I wouldn't like to bore the serious collector reading this entry, so the following three are for you guys.

    I have a small set of WWII German badges which I bought over the years. First, here is a nice Infantrie Sturmabzeichen marked W.H. for Walter Henlein. The Sturmabzeichen is a personal favorite of mine, a nice design.

    Attachment 430848Attachment 430849

    Secondly, my Allgemeine Sturmabzeichen. I just love the detail in this badge, such as the oak leaves. Marked R.S. for Rudolf Souval of Vienna. I always think that this eagle must have grown up in Queens, NYC, before going back to Germany.

    Attachment 430855Attachment 430856

    And, finally, my 'seen better days' Spange to the Iron cross 2nd. class. Missing pins and a strange head on the eagle, but marked L/11 for Wilhelm Deumer. It is a real badge but due to its condition I got it fairly cheap and it looks good in my display box.

    Attachment 430858Attachment 430859

    That, as Bugs Bunny used to say, is all folks, for now anyway.

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    Default Re: My collection of military items.

    I like the pistols. BTW, that was Porky Pig

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    Default Re: My collection of military items.

    That's a nice start to your collection. I like how you started your collection when your dad was in the military. I have a collection of Iraq war gear because, well they never collected a lot of it when I got back haha. But yeah, someday I'll pass that down to my children like your dad did for you! but nice start!

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    Default Re: My collection of military items.

    These two helmets are from the Cold War period. The American M1 is a WWII McCord with front seam and swivel bales. The Capac liner is a 1951 model. The US Army 529th Honor Guard MP unit were based in Heidelberg, Germany. The British MkV was the last steel helmet worn by the British army. The shell is dated 1952, the liner is from the 1970s. The booklet is British army, from the 1980s.

    Attachment 431198Attachment 431199Attachment 431200Attachment 431201Attachment 431202Attachment 431203

    The M1s were still being used in the mid 1980s.

    Attachment 431208

    I have a few helmets, well six anyhow. My wife is threatening to throw them out.

    Attachment 431206

    As mentioned before, my father served in the US Army. Our unit was the border patroling 11th ACR. The regimental symbol was a black horse against the cavalry red / white; hence we were called the Blackhorse regiment. The 11th ACR was in Germany between 1972 to 1994. It was made up of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Squadrons, we were with the 2nd based in Daley barracks, Bad Kissingen, Germany. We were cavalry in the bandit country of the inner German border.

    Attachment 431207Attachment 431212

    The Injuns were the East Germans and Soviets waiting just across the border.

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    Default Re: My collection of military items.

    Congrats on your collection and keep up the good work!



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    Default Re: My collection of military items.

    Great Collection! Keep it up! Just remember, For every dollar you spend on militaira, spend half on some sort of jewelry for the wife!

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