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My display

Article about: Hey all, New to the forum so why not start by posting some pics of my humble collection. All items are original besides the ehrenring, soldbuch and handle on the KM dagger. The U-boat is a f

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    Quote by CBH View Post
    I believe the skull is a fake , and not TR . Could be a real Skull but not a TR item .
    I agree - the mass of SS/Nazi symbols (etc.) suggest to me that this skull is a fantasy item. I can't really imagine what circumstances a member of the SS would have conceived of, or created, something like this. It looks like something that someone with a lurid fascination with 'occult' would have dreamed up. I suspect that the display of an object like this on WRF does little for the reputation of militaria collectors.

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    Reply was meant for Walkwolf...

    To SteveR: skull and jaw were held together by thin piece of string, but it almost fell apart so i replaced it with fishline.

    To CBH: i dunno what to think of it, tried doing some research over the years but with no result. If it was a TR item i would guess there would be SOME info to find about it somewhere, my german is not that good so havent been able to search on german sites but still...
    What i do know is that it is a real skull from and old male person, most certain european, that is as far as i got.
    It came into my posession together with some daggerswhen a fgood friend/collector i knew passed away. I wasnt really offended by it so i displayed it together with my other militaria, end of story.
    To me it is not really a special item, it's nicely made and sort of an eyecatcher but i value my other displayed items alot more. So about being a big money item im afraid i have no luck unless i can show some sort of proof it pre-1945 etc. More likely it is post-1945, maybe i sell it someday but can't ask more than what they charge for recently carved human skulls.

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    I really need to learn how to type faster

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    This just reminded me of this underground church(something) in some eastern european country that is made entirely of skulls and bones.

    Any dog would go crazy down there
    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

    "Be Humble and kind, for you may find that it was Odin you entertained"

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    Quote by RKKAFan View Post
    True or not, she was a sadistic person and had luck with judgement. I can remember, that she got a weak punishment, cause she was pregnant.
    She sure was ...
    The lamp skin as far as I known that's just animal skin not human ... but at the liberation of Buchenwald they found human organs keep intact in formalin ... and a shrunken head of a Soviet officer ... these pieces be used as evidence during the Nuremberg process.

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