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My incredibly modest SS collection

Article about: If it was she'd be worth \\$10000+ and wouldn't be in my collection that's for sure!

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    Some Nice pick ups there Glenn Well Done.


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    Circuit advertisement My incredibly modest SS collection
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    After a 6 month hiatus, this little trinket has added to my SS erkennungsmarken collection. It would seem I am slowly collecting foreign SS volunteer items!

    I don't know if this piece is connected with the 15th Waffen Grenadier Division (1st Latvian) or the 19th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (2nd Latvian), any opinions would be much appreciated. Obviously the tag purports to be from the 10th kompanie (2nd rifle kompanie of the 3rd battalion) of the 3rd Regiment. I like the fact that the 'Lett. SS Freiw Diw' appears to be a single stamp.

    My incredibly modest SS collection

    Interestingly, the stammrollen number places the soldier probably in the 1st platoon (given 12 HQ troops then another 40-odd in the 1st platoon) but curiously the blood group was never completed. I recall Matt L having information regarding non-completion of the blood group data but sadly he doesn't frequent these forums these days.

    My incredibly modest SS collection

    I hope you enjoy the images. Any comments are welcome!

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    Now another volunteer SS erkennungsmarken! This time from the 20.Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS (estnische Nr.1)

    My incredibly modest SS collection My incredibly modest SS collection

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    And now...(drum roll please)...the crowning glory of my SS collection!

    Found in a demolished bunker around the Korpi-Jarwi Lager near the Finnish border is this wonderful example of what I believe to be a private purchase SS Officer ring. Made in 835 silver this can't have been cheap hence my assumption of the Officer ownership.

    I can't stop looking at this ring, the bold geometric bands are very Art Deco and combined with the bold Sig Runen the piece is very powerful. Naturally I did fit it to my finger (only fits on my little finger) and there was a moment of weird electicity when I first saw it on me. At the risk of sounding corny I do have to say this ring is waay cool!

    My incredibly modest SS collection

    My incredibly modest SS collection

    My incredibly modest SS collection

    My incredibly modest SS collection

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    Glen a lovely and yes cool looking ring, congratulations on you find.
    Is the open back an original feature?

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    No, the split shank I believe is a simple fracture of the soldered joint separating after years of freeze/thaw in the arctic soil. There have been theories put forward that split shanks only come about due to decomposition and hence expansion of the owner's finger following death and thereby 'popping' the shank.

    These comments usually seem to come about when accusations of black digging and grave robbing are being thrown around but to me the freeze/thaw explanation seems most likely.

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    I'd love to own a relic helmet with that solid of a decal. Cool militaria!

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    Very nice!
    Getting off topic, That's a very nice display case!

    Warm Regards,


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    The trusty and often used 'DETOLF' cabinet from IKEA, or the 'SAFE' brand display frame?

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    Latest addition... an unissued hoard find from Brody of a disc intended for the HQ of the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division der SS (1st Galician).

    My incredibly modest SS collection

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