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My Inherited ww2 collection

Article about: Well, I have found a couple of references to the 907th. *************Reference 1 from CORPS OF ENGINEERS UNITS ************** Annex 1: 1810th Engineer Aviation Company constituted 2 July 194

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    Default Re: My Inherited ww2 collection

    Well, I have found a couple of references to the 907th.

    *************Reference 1 from CORPS OF ENGINEERS UNITS **************

    Annex 1: 1810th Engineer Aviation Company constituted 2 July 1942 as 907th Engineer Headquarters Company, Air Force. Activated 13 July 1942 at March Field, California. Redesignated 907th Engineer Air Force Headquaters Company, 1 August 1942. Inactivated 20 December 1945 in India. Redesignted 1810th Engineer Aviation Company 24 May 1946 and allotted to the National Guard of Oregon. Organized and Federally recognized 14 December 1949 at Portland. Ordered into active military service 1 October 1950 at Portland.

    ************second reference a PDF file with similar information ********

    *****third reference with the same information Welcome to 1905th ENGINEER AVIATION BATTALION *****

    To be honest there are a number of '907th' units listed, one of the most prevalent appears to be attached to the 101st AB, but this was a Glider Artillery unit.

    Sorry I can't be of any further help. The unit had it's designation changed on a number of occasions which is probably why it is difficult to find information on it. If you can find out if the unit (in it's current designation), still exists, someone will have been in charge of unit history and may be able to help you more.


    Steve T

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    thank you steve!

    My father had mentioned something about my grandfather being on his way to C-B-I, but he was discharged before going after spending a couple months here in CA awaiting orders. After the war he worked at Norton AFB as a civilian doing "things" that he couldnt talk about, and was regularly sent to Texas for "training" according to my dad

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    Default Re: My Inherited ww2 collection

    I noticed other members of this forum had miniatures on display with their memorabilia and id like to share mine!

    I received these two GI joes as an X-mas present when i was younger,you do not know how hard it is for a kid to not open these and play with them!

    B-17 Bomber Crewman and a D-Day Invasion US army soldier still sealed in their boxes! 2/5 of a holiday set, i have George Washington somewhere, but i took him out of the box when i got him!

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    Default Re: My Inherited ww2 collection

    What a superb collection with sentimentality ! Keep hold of them mate !

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: My Inherited ww2 collection

    Very nice collection!

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    Default Re: My Inherited ww2 collection

    Spent the better part of yesterday cleaning out more of my fathers house and i found several items from when my grandfather served, also some incredible awards from his service at Norton Air Force Base here in southern california where he worked in communications for 30 years before the base was returned to a civilian airport.

    Im currently taking many photos and will upload them shortly! Some of the items include his ORIGINAL army discharge paper and a co2 fire extinguisher he "removed" from a plane dated 10-44!

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    Default Re: My Inherited ww2 collection


    Great suff so much history and you have all the provenance ! Sorry for your loss ! Are you a collector you a collector ?

    Kind regards

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    Default Re: My Inherited ww2 collection

    i would not consider myself a collector by any means compared to other members of this forum, but i hope to one day have just as an impressive collection!
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    Default Re: My Inherited ww2 collection

    prepare for the site to crash from the amount of pictures!

    First off, found my grandfathers original discharge paper, aswell as other paperwork in tri fold leather case!

    Army Qualification paper, it was basically a military resume for returning soldiers to help obtain jobs.

    After the war, he worked at Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona for a couple years as a civilian, then resigned his
    position to move to California to apply for a communications job at Norton AFB

    VA postcards

    This one states his records were being transferred to the Los Angeles CA VA office in 53, but they have no record of that which is unfortunate!

    Permanent Exemption from Jury duty!

    After the war he was quite the pilot, this is his log book from 1948 that is nearly filled with filght logs!

    I also found a supply bag for an m1 filled with cleaning parts, not all of them belong though.

    some stripper clips that were in the bag

    But wait, theres more!

    Two Very nice US Air Force awards, one for 30 years, the other for 32 years of Civilian government service!

    30 years

    32 years

    3 more items to share!

    These are supposedly 2 parts of a periscope for a tank, i would guess US, but i dont know because there are no marks anywhere on these that give any information, but the prisms reflect quite nicely for being so old!

    As for the last find, a co2 fire extinguisher that has a 10-44 date stamp on it that my dad was told came out of a b29 (the b29 was extensively used at Davis-Monthan AFB in the 50s when he worked there)
    date stamp?

    Alfite maybe the manufacturer?

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    Default Re: My Inherited ww2 collection

    A period photo of the man this thread is dedicated to, my grandfather. Had he not survived his 2 years in the ETO, i would not be on this earth today!

    a post war photo of him alongside a plane im sure he flew on many occasions

    Aswell as the flag presented to my father at his Funeral, i believe it to be folded incorrectly, as it doesn't fit quite right in the case.

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