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My New Case

Article about: Beautiful case and it will look great full of militaria. I would just make sure there are no large gaps down the sides of the doors when they're shut. Dust will get in anywhere it can!

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    Default My New Case

    Hello, everyone. Just wanted to share my new display case...empty at the moment. It's a mint condition curio cabinet I picked up yesterday on Craig's List for $300. These can come fairly expensive ($500+) so I was happy to get one at a cheaper price, with a lot of glass for looking through, and a mirror back for seeing the other side of the helmets. It will have six glass shelves in all, but I only have five installed as I need to pick up four more shelf holders that fit in the pre-drilled holes. It should fit roughly 28 helmets, with four helmets being displayed on the wood bottom. The glass shelves appear to be thick enough to hold four helmets, but I am doing a test run with four helmets on the lowest shelf. If it doesn't break, I will feel comfortable loading the rest of my helmets. It has two lights at the top. The lights are three way lights, so I have three brightness settings to choose from at any one time. The only downside to this cabinet, other than it will soon be filled to capacity, is it loads from the sides, not from the front. This makes it awkward to arrange the helmets and other items, but I'll figure it out. I hope you like it. I am very excited to start loading in the items. More pics will come as the items find their way into the case. Until then, happy collecting!
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    Awesome case! I can't wait to see you fill it with your treasures, bro!

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    Thanks, man! It's going to be packed to the brim. Time to start looking for another case, just running out of places to put them. Only so much room in a 180+ year old farm house!!

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    Wow!! $300 was a steal of a deal. Beautiful case. Is that oak? Seems perfect for helmet display. We have similar side loading display case in our dining room (although only about 3 ft high, and thanks to wifey militaria forbidden), and it's not difficult at all to work with. Anyway, sharp buy, well done.

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    niccce case
    Well done,300 appears cheap from here.

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    Really nice! And those shelves should be tempered and I bet they'll hold up fine. If the helmets up top block the light from up top, you can get rigid LED lighting strips to install behind the wood frame on the way down and give each shelf its own lighting. They are very low profile and would be invisible from the front and would really make each helmet look great all the way down.

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    Quote by helmetone View Post
    Thanks, man! It's going to be packed to the brim. Time to start looking for another case, just running out of places to put them. Only so much room in a 180+ year old farm house!!
    The IKEA cases are pretty cool and only about $68 total. Good for 4 lids or a lot of smaller items. They are a bit of a pain to assemble though. Thank God my gf was there to help me, lol!

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    Thanks for the positive comments. Yes, it is oak. The price was very good considering i was looking at a case at a furniture store which wAs listed around $800-900. Ridiculous. I wanted one in cherry to match our bedroom furntiure, but this one came along and design wise I was exactly what I was looking for, with the exception of the side loading doors. As for the light strips, I am seriously considering them. Even with two lights at the top, by the time the light makes it to the lower shelves, it has become very dim and the helmets are not shown in all their glory. I wil be looking into those light strips. Thanks again, fellas.

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    i thought i would throw that out there because i have had this same issue with the display of items far smaller and less opaque than helmets!

    it's a great solution and looks fantastic. you just need a drill and some screws and to keep the wiring neat (hidden) which is not too hard. you can really get every helmet, top you bottom, look as though it is being displayed all on it's own.

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    Not talking about price.
    But its a beautiful cabinet by itself.
    Those are the type of cabinets our collections deserve to be in.
    Fantastic purchase.

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