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....My small collection....

Article about: well i don't know where to pm you at, was gonna send you my address, oh well, told you I was new, I checked every icon on here.?

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    Default ....My small collection....

    ...hi guys the camera isnt that great(pocket camera) a new collector trying to learn the ropes...gee you guys have great collections...cheers steve...(australia)
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture ....My small collection....   ....My small collection....  

    ....My small collection....   ....My small collection....  

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    Default Re: ....My small collection....

    SMALL?! That collection is huge! Show us some more!
    Best Regards

    Vegard T.
    Looking for militaria from 38. Batterie, Heeres Küsten Artillerie Regiment 977, also from 31, 32 and 36. Batterie.

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    Default Re: ....My small collection....

    hi newbie here, wow if your collection is small, then mine is a mini cooper compared to yours, nice stuff you have there, I don't have any way to send a picture, but my collection is small, I just started in january, but I joined to learn, I finally bought a pair of U.S. wire cutters the other day, man they are hard to find, any way just wanted to say hi, I hope to learn a lot more from all of you, thanks. Marty aka crazy horse.

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    Default Re: ....My small collection....

    ...gee thanks for your kind words...well im a newbie too...i feel humble compared to the experienced folk here...its very exciting to learn always reading books and studying different eras....i like to collect and study "WORLD MILITARIA".....not just one particular country...i get a "flavour" of the month at also keen to make new friends too....thankyou so much to you all and am glad i decided to come join this forum(everyone is very warming and the vibe is great and helpful) try and put some more pics up.....

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    Default Re: ....My small collection....

    Welcome to the forum Steve and Marty

    Impressive collection you have there Steve

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: ....My small collection....

    thanks wolfspear, I appreciate your welcome, even though i spent 12 years in the military, got disabled in desert storm, but after I got out I didn't know much about ww2 gear, but I'm here to learn, just wish I had some pics. steve you do have a great collection, I go from one country to the next also, I have mostly U.S. & german stuff, now I'm working on japanese & british items. but the wife is complaining, so I may have to stop for awhile, or get rid of her, just kidding, it's ok though, I have 2 more japanese bayonets coming & 2 s/f commando knives heading my way now. this really is a great forum, glad I found it. take care

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    Default Re: ....My small collection....

    ..thanks Nick....pleased to meet ya....well im actually half mother was born in germany 1944 and my opa(grandfather) fought in russia and crimea i did have his medals but they were sadly given away dads side is australian and all his relatives fought for australia in ww2....thats why its in my blood to collect things to do with my past.....

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    Default Re: ....My small collection....

    aussielad, wow man, right before I got out of the navy, I was also in the army, but when i got out of the navy, as I was packing my stuff to go home, I found out my ship was going to Australia, man I was so mad at myself, I used to have a ww2 aussie hat, stupid me I gave it away, oh well, but after I got my waffen ss m-40 helmet redone, I had them put my uncles name in it, he was full blooded german, but was born here, he was a medic in Korea, he has passed on now but I wanted to honor him by doing that to my helmet. well gotta run& get my car tag renewed, talk to you guy's later.

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    Default Re: ....My small collection....

    ..oh crazyhorse.....pleased to meet ya mate...ive got a few iraqi uniformsi did have a desert storm oif stage a while back..lolll......ummm you want a ww2 japanese visor cap? can have it free..its a bit moth eaten...but seeing as your starting up i dont mind helping you out.....see the pics..
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture ....My small collection....   ....My small collection....  

    ....My small collection....   ....My small collection....  

    ....My small collection....   ....My small collection....  

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    Default Re: ....My small collection....

    yeah , thanks, I really appreciate that, just let me know how much I need to send , for shipping, no I missed Iraq part 2, they should have let us finish it in 91, I got messed up then , so I was out of the army before 92. i only have about 3 iraqi things left, otherwise I would send you something, oh I live in Tennessee zip is 37373, so let me know how much to send the cap, thanks again.

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