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My stolen collection

Article about: are you trying to collect again?

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    are you trying to collect again?

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    Quote by ObKrieger View Post
    are you trying to collect again?
    What can I say, I miss it... and I am planning on starting collecting again, but on blank pages

    I have been collecting ww2 photos from Norway, just to start of easy... but now I am looking on buying a German tunic actually

    But this time, my collection will stay in safe place!

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    pm me with your adress, ive got something for you.

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    That is a sad story... I dont tell my frinds I collect If they talk about it to the wrong peaple if you know what I meen Well you just have to jump on the horse again I used alot of my mony on fakes before I became a member in here.. this forum cost me the half of my medal collection Well I'm back now and have more medals now then before Good luck whit the tunic

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    It is far to common problem in this hobby, that burglars are scrolling through forums like this, and websites featuring huge collections and using them as a shopping catalogue!
    It is of the outermost importance not to write your address or your full name. (especially surname) to people you don't trust.
    If you do, it is easy to find out where you live. If taking pictures, do it against a white background. Don't use the nature or garden in places easily recognisable.

    Furthermore I have 80% of my collection locked firmly away. (Even placed at relatives)

    Hopefully you will start collecting again! Don't let lowlifes as the ones stealing your collection, take away your interest!

    Happy hunting!

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    hi new to the site you story was the first i read sorry to hear your collection was stolen just to let you know it was someone close to you friend or neighbour let your close friend you know who stole them see what reaction you get always gets back to the thief eventually good luck and kind regards selekt22

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    You must have been devastated! A dread of all collectors!

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Id bet $100 that it was someone close to you or atleast someone you know. Sure thieves know, but your average theif isnt just going to take tunics and helmets when rifles, pistols and flags are in front of their face.
    I once talked about my collection alot quite a few people but since I have started a sizeable arms collection, live ones, I rarely talk about what I have any more - I dont need would-be theives or eavesdroppers getting the drift that my room is worth nearly the equivelant to that of an actors' safety deposit box.

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    Absolutely terrible when there are stories like this... i know of a few locals here that have had this happen to them, and they were devistated. what they took away from it: keep your stuff locked up, and and dont tell anybody about your things!

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    Sorry to hear about your collection not sure how old this post is but that was a amazing collection !

    What was your attraction to the k98 rifles ? And what was diffrent about the 11 you owned ?

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