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newly built showcase

Article about: hi guys i have almost finished making my showcase to show off my TR bits so i thought i would give you a look and see what you think hope you like it thanks for now Ronnie Ps the ss caps are

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    Nice one Ronnie

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Quote by dave34 View Post
    Wonderfull display you've done there :-)
    Looking real good.

    I'm just about putting the final touch to my collectiondisplay and I'm pretty eager to show ya'll

    Have to ask you one thing thou...The Feldherrn...Is it the real deal
    Dave i can only dream about owning one but i have seen a REPLICA! (obviously a lot better than this one) on another site for $6000 thanks for the nice comments guys i will post it when display is complete cheers Ronnie

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    Looking forward to Part II Ron
    (Im off to get a hammock tomorrow)

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    I thought so too..The FHH must be the rarest "mass" produced dagger for us collectors to find...
    Does anyone know how many are known to exist in collections?
    Prices it has reached?


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    very nice view. i like your collection..

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    Props on that display, dude.

    I have a penchant for rail eagles of late. That looks like a nice one. Not sure what a "Feldherrn" is. Perhaps the item on top that almost looks like a luft sword. Don't recall ever seeing anything like that one.

    The best thing about your fine stuff? When my wife start to bitching I can say "at least I didn't go all out, like this guy".


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    Very nice display...........BILL
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    great way to display things ronnie. looks like a very nice collection. thanks for sharing .

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    love the ubout model,I also have one still works ok.

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    Super, you have made a very useful display area out of what could be a difficult area to make the most of.
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