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Post 1945 cams

Article about: Great stuff Opex! I haven't posted on this thread for a while but thought I would kick this in -has been posted prev in 'World guns' thread a few years ago-West German Flecktam P38/P1 pistol

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    Quote by kozowy1967 View Post
    To be honest Rene I have never had an oppurtunity to show any of my modern cams or greens to any one before I was very happy that this thread got started I will have to do some box diving a little later as I have a few more intresting items yet to show you gents

    Regards Mark K
    Get diving!!! I'm hanging out!!! I've dove and got really wet!!! and I'm still not dry!

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    Rene you will need a deep water submersible (Robert Ballard style) to get anywhere near the bottom of your pile mate.

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    Quote by Thanatos View Post
    Congrats Mark they are pretty dam cool mate.
    On second thought they look at little more like bunnys and jelly beans (AusCam) than the SS pattern I previously mentioned.
    Auscam is more like this patt
    I had a pair of trousers back when I was a kid playing army by the Yarra river
    These where a pre issue pair in the 70's type cut, but these where pinched in my youth days!!
    Also shown here are some samples of the different colour schemes. RAN camo uniforms is one I can't get! due to some security issue(border security)? but here's a factory off cut
    Also a USMC/USN to compare sorry it's on a pack
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    There is certainly a similarity between the two patterns.The blotchy merging make up is common to both.
    AusCam I thought was computer designed utilizing arial photo's to determine the colour's back in the early 80's.First issued in 86 I believe.
    That's why the Austrian 1950's designed pattern is an interesting comparison,no computers back then to determine the basic outlay of the pattern yet to me very similar.
    Cool banana's fella's

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    This is a fleece civi copy of the New Zealand Army Swanndri cover I mentioned in a previous post.

    When I was in Australia's Army Reserve back in the mid to late 80's the original Swanny was a very much sort after piece of kit in the two Tasmanian Independent Rifle Company's as it offered warmth and was wind/water proof.
    The negatives were weight and bulk.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Post 1945 cams  
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    As far as the now old Auscam goes, the shape of the splotches was set by the predominance of round leaf Eucalyptus trees here-in mid 1980 our unit of the reserve went to the land warfare centre Canungra QLD-we were quizzed about the new cam uniform with comparison to the standard greens so there were prototypes then for it.

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    Australian issue M1 Helmet with a 'home made' unit level cam cover made up of Auscam cloth cover with green scrim over that and shredded sandbag and Auscam cloth attached to the scrim netting. The cloth cover is either the back of a shirt or part of a cloth bolt wrapped over the top of the helmet shell.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Post 1945 cams   Post 1945 cams  

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    That's a nice M1 Lithgow.The scrim/off cut cam break's her outline up very well.
    Nice lid mate

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    Found my Swiss cammo cover - modeled on a latter shell

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    Cool cover Rene,I do like Swiss Alpenflage,We get red's in Tassies high country over spring and this would be a quite effective pattern down here as well as in the Alps.
    Good one Rene.

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