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Post 1945 cams

Article about: Great stuff Opex! I haven't posted on this thread for a while but thought I would kick this in -has been posted prev in 'World guns' thread a few years ago-West German Flecktam P38/P1 pistol

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    Nice Camo Gents here is on that is making me Desert DPM heavy hooded parka the tag is illegible I have been having a hard time figuring this one out can not seem to find another one quite like it anyone have any thoughts was thinking possibly Dutch.

    Regards Mark K
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Post 1945 cams   Post 1945 cams  

    Post 1945 cams   Post 1945 cams  

    Post 1945 cams  
    Always on the look out for WW II Canadian Helmets and Cam nets to add to my collection.

    Found a Canadian Mk II Medics Helmet and yes I know they are about as rare as hens teeth !!!!!

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    Quote by Thanatos View Post
    Missed an image.

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    Ahh I was struggling to find shots of mine! but here it is + some Aussie Cam

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    Here's a South african type (in use at the Castle Of Good Hope, Cape Town) and me wearing my Sea Bees 3 colour (very early 92 dated an one I always use when traveling OS) on top of Table mountain and a BDU - I have a pile of these!

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    Gday Rene,
    I always wondered why the USMC accepted such a poor embroided eagle,They could have done better hay.
    Love the AUSCAMS,cool banana's.
    I've only got some older standard pattern shirts and trousers(couple of each I think).

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    Quote by Thanatos View Post
    This is a cool one,Rene you may like this jacket mate.
    RAAF Immersion jacket.(not a cam pattern but some would say OD is a form of cam)
    Worn by flight crew's when operating over cold water.
    It's a Canadian design and works by stopping cold water from reaching the torso from the bottom of the jacket (flushing).Cold water will quickly drop body core temp. and will bring on Hypothermia fast.
    The flap fits between the legs and is attached to clips on the front.When on the flap looks like a pair if wet suit shorts attached to the jacket.This creates the seal.
    The body of the jacket has a neoprene liner(2mm or so) and the sleeves have neo seals.There is also a fluro orange hood inside the jacket's collar.

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    Attachment 283563

    Still I would'nt like to be in the position where I would have to deploy the flap as a bit of cold water swimming is highly likely.
    Dave, Now that's a beauty!!!

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    Here's some more from my lot that is easily accessible and my Sea Bees is 90 dated I have other nations cams but too hard to get to at the mo!

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    Quote by Thanatos View Post
    A pair of Swiss Apenflec wool trousers.
    This smart citizen soldier has sewn water proof panels onto the legs and crutch.
    No wet legs when prone or kneeling.
    A very nice spring mountain pattern I think.We get a bit of red in our mountain flora down here in spring,very pleasing to the eye.

    Attachment 283032
    I only have a helmet cover in this patt

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    The pattern looks a bit like this,

    Post 1945 camsPost 1945 cams

    Borrowed these images from another site.1980's Iraqi maybe (the pattern style that is),I believe it was a British designed pattern and a predesesor to the British two color pattern.
    It's similar,but as you say it also has a Dutch look (the swirly look).Temperate New Zealand DPM is similar to the standard Dutch pattern but I am pretty sure they do not make a Desert Pattern.They use British Desert DPM.
    May be a late RAF/Dutch airforce for it is a gortex.?
    Have a good one
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    Nice pile of British and American desert patterns there Rene,your collection of cool stuff is bottomless mate

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    You will have to track down some Crye Multi-CamsRene to finish off the sequence/history of US War on Terror era cam,s.
    Table Mountain looked a buzz.

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